Your comprehensive tourist guide to the most famous tourist areas in Vienna, as it is known that Vienna is considered one of the most famous Austrian cities, because it is considered the capital city for it, and therefore it is one of the most attractive cities for visitors from different parts of the world.

Best places of tourism in Vienna:

First: The Danube Tower:

Danube Tower
The Danube Tower is one of the most important tourist attractions in Vienna, because it is one of the tallest buildings in Vienna, and the Danube Tower overlooks many other tourist attractions that exist in the city.

Entertainment ways when visiting the Danube Tower:

  • Enjoy seeing the many sights of Vienna, which can be seen from the tall tower.
  • Also in the tower there is a group of distinctive restaurants, through which you can eat delicious foods in that distinctive view.
  • You can also enjoy jumping from the tower by hanging in the air, if you love to jump.

Second: Schönbrunn Palace:

    Schonbrunn Palace

Schönbrunn Palace is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Vienna, and the most important thing that distinguishes the palace is that it contains five different sections, which includes more than one thousand and four hundred rooms.

Entertainment at Schönbrunn Palace:

  • Enjoy watching the view of the palace from the inside, which includes many multiple decorations, and ancient inscriptions.
  • You can also enjoy visiting the palace zoo, which is one of the first and oldest zoos in Austria.
  • You can also have fun in the other garden of the palace, which includes many different plants, and colorful flowers.
  • Enjoy watching the maze garden in the palace from which you can climb the columns or its tower.
  • You can also enjoy visiting the palace fountain, which is the Neptune Fountain, which includes the attractive view.

Third: Danube Island:

Danube Island
The Danube Island is one of the most important areas that can be visited in the city of Vienna, because it is a natural reserve, and it is one of the most important places for nature lovers and stunning views.

Entertainment on the Danube Island:

  • Enjoy the scenic landscapes that lie in the trees and greenery, along with the sea waters that surround the island.
  • Enjoying kayaking, as the island includes a group of coaches for that sport.
  • Enjoy swimming, as the place is very special for swimming enthusiasts, whether for children or adults.
  • There are also a number of shops on the island that can purchase items and some souvenirs.

Fourth: Hofburg Palace:

Hofburg Palace
The Hofburg Palace is one of the most famous tourist attractions that attract many tourists, because it is one of the ancient palaces, where the establishment of the palace dates back to the thirteenth century, and is the seat of the ruler in Austria.

Entertainment in the Hofburg Palace:

  • Enjoy watching the attractive architectural design, as the interior of the palace includes a court and also a library.
  • Enjoy visiting the palace garden and sitting in the midst of green plants and multiple trees.
  • Watch many tools and collectibles of ancient Romen times.
  • Enjoy watching a collection of distinguished historical and artistic paintings.

Fifth: the Danube:

Danube River
The Danube River is one of the most important tourist places that exist in the city of Vienna, because it is one of the places that attract many visitors to visit in Vienna, and it is a suitable place for lovers of various landscapes and water sports.

Entertainment in the Danube:

  • Enjoy swimming in that special river.
  • If you’re a fan of boating, this place is for you.
  • Sitting in some of the gardens surrounding the river can be enjoyed from everywhere.
  • There are also a number of distinctive restaurants in the same area, which offer delicious meals overlooking the river.

Sixth: Natural History Museum:

Natural History Museum
The Natural History Museum is one of the important tourist attractions that exist in the city of Vienna, because it is one of the museums that includes many rare collections, including meteorites, and other museum holdings.

Entertainment in the Natural History Museum:

  • Enjoy watching the museum from the inside and its walls, which contain many decorations in addition to the distinctive paintings.
  • For some types of dinosaurs, this section is called the Dinosaur Hall.
  • It is also possible to enjoy a visit to the planetarium, through which stars can be seen through the large telescope, as well as a lot of knowledge about outer space.

Seventh: The Zoo:

The zoos are one of the places most visitors are usually attracted to, especially the zoo in Vienna, because it includes many different types of birds and animals, along with some reptiles.

Entertainment in the Zoo:

  • Enjoy watching many types of mammals in the garden, which differ in type and species.
  • Enjoy visiting the section in the park for some of the animals that are in the woods with a group of dense trees.
  • Visit the aquarium in the park, which includes many different fish and marine creatures.

Eighth: Vienna Aquarium:

Vienna Aquarium
The water park is one of the most important and best places in Vienna, because it is one of the places that enables many to get to know the world of the sea more, through large basins, which includes a large number of different marine creatures.

Entertainment at the Vienna Aquarium:

  • Enjoy watching many coral reefs and water plants in addition to different types of fish.
  • Enjoy buying many souvenirs in the building.
  • Climbing can also be practiced through the walls designated for that sport in the building.

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