Learn what are the closest countries to Malaysia that are recommended to visit, and the advantages of each of them if you want to visit other countries during your visit to Malaysia or visit new cities of charming nature, a different sense and here are the most important details for Arab travelers.

What are the closest countries to Malaysia:

Whether you are visiting Malaysia on a tourist trip, studying in Malaysia, or working, you will want to visit the closest countries to it, and often the Asian countries do not require a travel visa between each other, but because you are Arab, some countries may need this, and the following are the closest countries that you have to visit, and the advantages of each in addition How to access it clearly and simplified.

Traveling from Malaysia to Thailand by train:

  • Many residents of Malaysia who are fond of buying different clothes and necessities love to buy different goods while on a tour to Thailand, where Bangkok is then back again to Kuala Lumpur, and they have obtained great discounts on many products and have had their time at the same time? In addition to the enjoyment of shopping in Thailand, there is a big difference in the prices of different products.
  • Of course, the beauty of Thailand is not limited to the splendor of shopping, as you will be able to enjoy a special trip in this amazing country known for its multiple tourist destinations and leisure activities in Thailand, so be sure to visit Thailand during your visit to Malaysia.
  • The train connects Malaysia and Thailand from southern Singapore, runs north to Thailand and runs through Malaysia.
  • In addition, you will find a fast land line in case you want to travel by car or bus.

How to travel from Malaysia to Indonesia:

  • Indonesia is one of the first countries that tourists think about during their visit to Malaysia and their desire to visit East Asian countries, whether you want to combine the two destinations or visit Indonesia individually, you will find many low-cost tourist places, and the people in Indonesia are very nice, and when you will think of Travel to it you will find many wonderful islands that you want to visit between Bali Island, Jakarta in addition to Derawan, Wakatobe and Derawan, all of which are impressive places and you will enjoy your time very much during the visit.
  • Malaysia does not need a visa while Indonesia entry visa costs 25 dollars per person, and Air Asia is one of the cheapest airlines that connect Malaysia and Indonesia and the service they have is excellent.

Traveling from Malaysia to Singapore by train:

  • Singapore is one of the wonderful cities located near Malaysia, and it is very tempting to visit it because of its beauty, but the prices there are a bit high so you should take that into consideration before visiting Singapore.
  • You can easily reach it by train and you can participate in the night trips that start from Kuala Lumpur and reach Singapore the next day in the morning, you will be able to spend the best times in Singapore without the need to stay in a hotel if you return to Malaysia at the same time.
  • But if you have prepared yourself well for this trip, and you want to enjoy the atmosphere of Singapore as it should, you can spend two days or more to learn more about this charming country, its various features and not just taking a quick tour in Singapore.

Traveling from Malaysia to Cambodia:

  • It is one of the cheapest amazing tourist places that you can visit during your visit to Malaysia.
  • Whether you want to tourism in Cambodia, move to live, or get airline tickets, you will not need more than $ 100 for your round trip flights, and you should visit Phnom Penh and Siem Reap as they are one of the most important private tourist destinations in Cambodia, and they are close to each other.
  • It is very easy to get a flight ticket to the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh and enjoy your time during her visit and then visit Siem Reap the most wonderful places in Cambodia to enjoy your time and visit the Angkor Wat temples, then return from Siem Reap to Malaysia if you want where you will find a flight link between them.
  • As for commuting between the two cities you can board the cruise ship, which will take you on an unforgettable trip on Tonle Sap Lake.

Traveling from Malaysia to Vietnam:

  • The best way to travel from Malaysia to Vietnam is by flying, and you will find many amazing offers, but you will need to choose to visit Hanoi in northern Vietnam or visit the southern capital Ho Chi Minh because Vietnam is one of the largest countries around the world, so the distance between the two cities exceeds 1000 km.
  • As for Hanoi, it has many ancient monuments, which makes it an ideal destination for archeology and lovers of charming green nature.
  • As for Ho Chi Minh City, it is one of the most wonderful cities in Malaysia in terms of night life, social life, and the multiplicity of recreational activities, as it enjoys a location close to all the entertainment places that you will want to visit.
  • As for the difference in prices, flying between Hanoi and Malaysia is more expensive than flying between Malaysia and Ho Chi Minh, but if you want to visit the two cities together and you have time for that, you can travel by plane between the two capitals, but we recommend visiting one city in order to be able to fully drink the experience in this city Point, and find enough time to learn more about the city and the nature of life in it, and this will not affect the beauty of your trip.

Traveling from Malaysia to Laos:

The Lao state is one of the wonderful cities that enjoys a special charm but is not known to tourists, perhaps because the country is one of the undeveloped countries that do not have a strong economy but have a charming green nature, which is the ideal destination for fans of adventure and discovery, just as the people in Laos are welcome tourists and very nice.
As for visiting sights in Laos, you may find it a little difficult to reach due to their distance from each other, and you can connect them by bus or boat, and it is preferable to visit Vientan, the capital of Laos, and not to miss the natural reserve Foghon, which is one of the most wonderful natural reserves at the level of countries East Asia.

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