What are the features of Kuwait

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Tareq Rajab Museum

This museum is located in Kuwait City in the basement of a large villa, and many Islamic arts have been assembled in it by the first Minister of Antiquities in Kuwait and his British wife, and it contains musical instruments hanging in the glass tanks, also contains Omani silver, and Saudi gold jewelry , And the helmet of the Mongols, in addition to the costumes worn by princesses and shepherds, and also includes necklaces related to the living gods in Nepal, and Bahraini pearls, and the most important thing in the museum is the Arabic manuscripts in the Museum of Arabic Calligraphy in it, which give it international importance.

Kuwait Towers

Kuwait Towers is one of the prominent landmarks in the State of Kuwait, as it embodies the economic and urban development that took place in Kuwait after the discovery of oil, and Kuwait Towers are a tourist destination for residents and tourists alike, which is located along the coast of the Arabian Gulf.

The aim of building these towers was to be part of the network of water towers that were built throughout Kuwait; where the Kuwaiti government concluded an agreement with a Swedish architectural company to design these towers according to the traditional Kuwaiti architectural style; In the shape of a sprinkler, the smaller tower was designed in the form of an eyeliner of Arab women, and was then implemented by a Yugoslav company, to be opened in 1979, and these towers provided many high-end restaurants, as well as a panoramic view of Kuwait City and the Arabian Gulf.

The Great Mosque

The Grand Mosque is located in the center of Kuwait City, and it is the largest and official mosque for it. All official religious ceremonies are held in it. The area of ​​the Grand Mosque is about 46,000 square meters. It is also famous for its Islamic architecture, where engineers made great efforts in designing and implementing this mosque, which began Implementation of its construction in 1979, to be opened seven years later in 1986.
The Great Mosque is distinguished by its blue and beige colors, which are comfortable to look at, in addition to the wonderful chandeliers suspended in its ceiling. The main prayer hall is the largest of its halls, where it can accommodate about 10,000 worshipers, and tourists can tour the mosque with the tour guides to see its wonderful architecture, and to see the Islamic way of life From which.

Other landmarks in Kuwait

Kuwait includes many important historical and tourist attractions, which made it a source of attraction for tourists, and among its most important features are the following:

  • Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Center.
  • Martyr’s Garden.
  • The Boulevard Garden.
  • the green Island.


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