An integrated guide to the most beautiful places for hiking and entertainment in Riyadh that attracts many visitors from all parts of the earth, and we will get to know together through this article in detail

Best entertainment places in Riyadh:

First: The Zoo:

The zoo is one of the best entertainment places in the city of Riyadh, as it is one of the most beautiful zoos for animals in the Arab world, because it includes many different types of animals.

Entertainment ways in the zoo:

  • One of the most important ways to entertain in the zoo is to get to know many different types of animals, which number more than one hundred and fifty different types of animals.
  • Riyadh Zoo also has many rare and different bird species that many find pleasure in watching.
  • The zoo also includes a large number of different reptiles of various types, which can only be seen in that zoo.
  • The Riyadh Zoo includes some species of animals that are considered rare, and most of them are threatened with extinction.
  • You can also gather with family and friends and spend quality time because the garden has a place for family outings.
  • You can eat many special foods and continue the tour in the garden through some restaurants in the garden.

Second: Snow City:

Snow City is considered one of the most beautiful entertainment places that exist in the city of Riyadh, and it is one of the most attractive places for visitors from all over the world, because it is one of the snowy cities covered with snow despite the high temperature in the city, but it remains conservative on the weather in it .

Entertainment in Snow City:

  • Enjoy the Snow City by playing various games that are related to the snow in the city, among which is the snowmobile game for children.
  • Play some other games and enjoy them through skiing on snow, and even if you do not know how to ski, there are some coaches on that.
  • For children, they can spend time full of entertainment and fun by building an ice hut.
  • Enjoy watching this snowy city that gives visitors a feeling that in the winter season, they will walk on its various paths and stairs.

Third: Wadi Hanifa:

Wadi Hanifa is one of the best places in Riyadh, because it includes many scenic and charming landscapes, and this place is a large valley in the area with a span of approximately eighty meters.

Entertainment in Wadi Hanifa:

  • Enjoy watching many different parks, which reach six different parks.
  • You can walk in this distinctive area, through the paths in it on both sides of the lake.
  • The parks also include a set of benches for easy seating and a view of green plants and trees.
  • In the valley there is also a private car park, along with one of the longest walkways.
  • Wadi Hanifa also has a can dam, which is one of the parks that have large numbers of sessions, up to ninety-three.

Third: The Queen’s Tower:

The Queen Tower is one of the most famous and largest constellations in the city of Riyadh, which has more than ninety-nine floors, which is approximately three hundred meters high

Amenities in the Queen’s Tower:

  • Shopping can be enjoyed while in the Queen’s Tower, where the tower includes more than a hundred and sixty different and diverse stores, which are available in many different commodities.
  • You can eat in one of the restaurants located in the Queen Tower, which provides eating all dishes in a distinct view and watching the entire city of Riyadh.

Fourth: Al-Hokair Land:

Al Hokair Land Entertainment City is one of the most important and best entertainment cities that exist in the city of Riyadh, and Al Hokair Land city is located in Al Hamra neighborhood, and it is one of the places that includes many recreational games in addition to some green places and distinctive natural landscapes.

Entertainment ways in Al Hukair Land:

  • The city has many different figures of some ancient monuments from all over the world.
  • The city also includes various entertainment and some distinctive games
  • It is also possible to walk around the city, because it includes many paths equipped with green spaces.
  • Al-Hokair also has a dedicated ski hall, as well as a lounge dedicated to some electric and electronic games.
  • Entertainment is not only limited to Al Hokair City, Al Hokair City is also equipped with a range of cinemas that have different dimensions.
  • There are also a number of markets in Al-Hokair Entertainment City, which have a large number of various shops, which are available in all international brands.

Fifth: Star City:

Star City is one of the largest entertainment games cities that exist in the city of Riyadh, and the city is located in the Al-Hamra neighborhood, and the most important thing that distinguishes this city is its distinctive location besides it contains many distinguished services.

Entertainment in Star City:

  • The city includes a group of different games that suit all age groups.
  • Star City also has some unique games, including Formula Racing and car racing of all kinds.
  • The city has a group of restaurants that can eat delicious dishes
  • Among the entertainment in the city is shopping at a large number of multiple shops.

Sixth: Sfory Land

The city of Sfory Land is one of the most beautiful game cities that exist in the city of Riyadh, and the city of Savory Land is located in the Rabwah neighborhood, specifically in Al Othaim Mall, and it is one of the cities that have many different entertainment facilities.

Entertainment options found in Savory Land:

  • The city is very suitable for snowboarding lovers, as the city has an ice skating rink.
  • Sforyland has a large theater, one of theaters for children.
  • Sforeland Land includes a number of distinctive games such as missile, and vehicles.
  • Savoryland also has some turtle shows that are constantly held in the city.
  • The city also has many different restaurants that offer delicious food.

Seventh: A holistic world:

Jamuli world is one of the best entertainment places in the city of Riyadh, and it is one of the centers dedicated to children’s entertainment, and that center is located in the eastern ring road.

Entertainment in a holistic world:

  • This place can realistically practice some professions.
  • There is also a distinctive theater center, which offers the strongest different shows for children, through a large theater that includes about eight hundred seats.
  • There is also a children’s center in the Jomali Center for special parties, including birthdays, which are among the places equipped with the highest services.

Eighth: Water Splash Water Park:

Water Splash Water Park, is the most beautiful and best water parks to visit, and this park is located on the ring road, and Water Splash Park is a recreational place for families as well as for the whole family.

Entertainment in Water Splash Water Park:

  • Water Splash Park has a large number of distinct green spaces, which are suitable for nature and landscape lovers.
  • Water Splash Park also has a large number of artificial lakes.
  • There is also a range of chalets that can be rented in that city.
  • The park includes a large number of different water games, of which some are for children.

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