A guide to the most beautiful places of tourism in Rabat, Morocco. It is advisable to visit it from travelers experiences. It is the capital of Morocco and the second Moroccan city in terms of its size. It is characterized by its location near the Atlantic Ocean.
The most beautiful places of tourism in Rabat Morocco:

Chellah is a small old city located on the river Abu Raqraq. This city dates back 2,600 years. This site contains a large square and a number of ancient baths. There is also a main temple and a large number of birds such as the stork.

  • old City:

It is intended for tourists to get acquainted with the lifestyle of the people of the city of Rabat, and for shopping, as it contains many shops specialized in selling leather goods and selling antiques and fabrics.

  • Hassan Rabat silo:

It is a history building that was built to be a minaret of a mosque in Rabat, and that was during the reign of Sultan Yaqoub al-Mansur, but after his death the work stopped building the mosque.

  • Rabat Zoo:

It contains more than a thousand animals of African origin such as lions and elephants.

  • The Kasbah of the Udaya:

It is a fortified fortress that the Almoravids built at the mouth of the Abu Regraq river, consisting of an antique door, a wall, an ancient mosque, and others.

  • Archaeological Museum:

It was built in 1932 AD The museum contains a large number of archaeological artifacts dating back to prehistoric and pre-Islamic times.

  • Muhammad V Shrine:

This mosque is located next to the Hassan Silo, and it includes many tombs such as the tomb of the Moroccan monarch, Prince Abdullah and King Hassan II, this shrine is a wonderful antique masterpiece, as it has a green tiled roof and walls that have a green color.

  • Almohad wall:

It is a wall that the Almohads built after an order from Sultan Yaqoub Al-Mansur Al-Almohadi. The length of this wall is about 2263 m while the height is 2.5. The Almohad wall supports 74 towers and contains five huge gates.

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