Cairo includes many of the many tourist attractions, to which many tourists from all over the world are attracted, because Cairo is one of the cities in Egypt, which is one of the most important Arab countries in the world, because it includes many ancient civilizations, and will We get to know one of the most famous sights in Cairo.

Cairo attractions:

First: Cairo Tower:

Cairo TowerCairo Tower
The Cairo Tower is one of the best tourist attractions in Cairo, because the tower consists of sixteen floors, in addition to the distinctive architectural design, and the Cairo Tower is one of the landmarks of Cairo through which you can see all the landmarks of Cairo by going up the tower hill, as The tower also includes a distinctive restaurant that serves delicious dishes, and there is the Cairo Tower in Zamalek, Al-Burj Street, and one of the entertainment ways in the Cairo Tower is the following:

  • Dine delicious food and drinks through the famous restaurant on the top of the tower, and enjoy eating in this high place.
  • Many other attractions in Cairo, including the famous Abdin Palace, as well as Salah El Din Castle, as well as the pyramids and the Sphinx, can be enjoyed through the telescope at the top of the tower, which gives a clear view of these landmarks.

The cost of entry to the Cairo Tower:

Entry to the Cairo Tower is an estimated cost of seventy pounds, for adults, while children younger than six are entered free of charge, and in the case of wanting to record a video, twenty pounds are paid.

Second: KidZania:

KidZania is one of the most important educational cities in Cairo, and it is one of the cities for children, located in the New Cairo area on the Ring Road, and the city is one of the most attractive cities for tourists, because children can benefit by visiting this city and enjoying the time well Among the most important entertainment in KidZania are:

  • The city contains various streets, as well as roads just like the outside world and transportation is also available, in order to enjoy the time when the child.
  • The city also makes it easier for the child how to deal with the outside world, by doing some of the jobs and jobs that he dreams about in the future, and he can raise money through these games.
  • Children and parents can also have fun while shopping in the city and getting some different products and goods.
  • Also enjoy dining and snacks in that big city and spending quality time with family and friends.

The cost of visiting KidZania:

The price of tickets for this city varies according to the age group, as children from two to three years are paid one hundred pounds per child, while children from four years to fourteen years are paid one hundred and thirty pounds to the child, while adults are Paying eighty-five pounds per person, and children under two years of age are admitted free of charge.

Third: Magic City:

  Galaxy Magic CityGalaxy Magic City
Magic Galaxy is one of the best tourist attractions in Cairo, as it is one of the most famous recreational cities and the most attractive for visitors, because it is very suitable for all family members. The city is located in the famous City Stars Mall located in Nasr City, and it is located on the fourth floor, and one of the most important ways Entertainment in the following city:

  • Enjoy spending the happiest times by enjoying playing over a hundred different games in the city.
  • The city also provides a place for young children as well as infants, in order to ensure family members enjoy enjoying the city or shopping at the famous mall city mall.

The cost of entry to Magic Galaxy:

The cost of entry to Magic Galaxy differs from that of any other city, as a card is given for an amount of money, and in the event that card ends, it is recharged again for another amount of money.

Fourth: Saladin Castle:

  Citadel of SaladinCitadel of Saladin
Salah El Din Castle is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the city of Cairo, and Salah El Din Castle is located in the city center, on the famous Mokattam hill, and one of the most important ways of entertainment in Salah El Din Castle:

  • You can enjoy visiting many of the ancient museums in the castle, where the castle includes four distinguished museums, among which are the Al-Jawhara Palace Museum, as well as the Military Museum, as well as the Egyptian Police Museum, as well as the Transportation Museum.
  • Learn about the military power that was present in Egypt during the Mamluk era.
  • See many other Cairo landmarks through the top of the castle and take souvenir photos.

The cost of entry to Salah El-Din Citadel:

A small fee is required to enter Salah El-Din Citadel and enjoy the sightseeing. The cost per person is only forty Egyptian pounds.

Fifth: Al-Azhar Park:

Al-Azhar ParkAl-Azhar Park
Al-Azhar Park is one of Cairo’s most famous tourist attractions, because it is one of the places where the visitor feels comfortable and relaxed, and it is one of the most suitable places for families looking for calm and beauty of nature. The park is located in Salah Salem Street, in the study area, and one of the most important ways of entertainment in Al-Azhar Park:

  • Al-Azhar Park includes many fountains and stunning landscapes through trees, flowers and plants.
  • The garden also has a range of restaurants that offer delicious dishes, which can enjoy dining in this wonderful place.
  • Many concerts are held in Al-Azhar Park through the theater in the park.
  • The park also includes a children’s playground, which ensures safe play.

The cost of entering Al-Azhar Park:

The cost of admission to Al-Azhar Park is very simple and commensurate with many, as the price of one ticket is only five Egyptian pounds.

Sixth: The Pyramids and the Sphinx:

  Pyramids and SphinxPyramids and Sphinx
The pyramids and Sphinx are among the most famous ancient tourist attractions in Egypt in general, because they are considered among the seven wonders of the world, which narrate the history of the ancient Egyptians, and indicate their civilization and the extent of their skill in construction and other fields that they registered, and the pyramids are located in the Giza region On the way to the pyramids, and one of the most important ways to entertain the pyramids:

  • Enjoy horseback riding as well as camels, in order to take a big tour of this charming place that includes ancient heritage and Egyptian civilization.
  • Enjoy entering the rooms located in the pyramids, which include many ancient Pharaonic monuments, treasures as well as enjoying watching the hieroglyphic writing on the walls.
  • You can also enjoy a good time by visiting the sun boat, which includes many Pharaonic artifacts.

The cost of visiting the pyramids:

The cost of visiting the pyramids is a very simple cost, as it only requires paying two Egyptian pounds per ticket.

Seventh: The Pharaonic Village:

Pharaonic VillagePharaonic Village
The Pharaonic Village is considered one of the most important landmarks of the city of Cairo, because it includes many different shows that narrate ancient Egyptian history. The Pharaonic Village is located in the Jacob Island area on the Great Sea Street, and the most important entertainment in the Pharaonic Village:

  • Enjoy watching the live shows of the Pharaonic era, presented by many professional artists.
  • The Pharaonic Village also includes an amusement park where you can enjoy spending time.
  • Also in the Pharaonic Village there are many distinct restaurants, which serve many delicious dishes.
  • Among the ways of entertainment in the Pharaonic Village is to enjoy shopping through its stores, in addition to the technical center in the village.

The cost of visiting the Pharaonic Village:

Entrance to the Pharaonic Village for children under the age of five years is free of charge, and the price of the ticket without that will be according to the offers.

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