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Hagia Sophia Museum

The Aya Sofya Museum is located in Istanbul, Turkey, and it is considered one of the most prominent landmarks of the country, knowing that it was at the beginning a Byzantine Church, then it became a mosque in 1953 AD, after Muhammad Al-Fateh entered Turkey, but he became in In 1935, a museum is open to visitors and tourists.

Valley of Love

Love Valley is located in the Cappadocia region located in the central part of Turkey, and is characterized by its scenic landscapes and amazing rock formations, where huge stone pillars appear, some of which reach a height of about 50 meters, knowing that these formations were naturally carved Through the influence of wind, ancient volcanic eruptions. It is worth noting that visitors and tourists can tour the Valley of Love and see its wonderful landmarks.

Qapi Brick Palace

Topkapı Palace (English: Topkapı Palace) is located in the Sultanahmet area; it is an ancient historical antique palace that was completed in the first phase of its construction by Muhammad al-Fatih in 1453 AD, and represented the residence of the Ottoman Sultans until the nineteenth century AD, which is characterized by its wonderful architectural design that It shows the cobbled courtyard, ornate structures, and a fascinating fountain (Fountain of Sultan Ahmed III), and many others.

Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque is located in Istanbul, Turkey, overlooking the Bosphorus Strait, and is characterized by its wonderful architectural design, where the six tall minarets that can be seen from a distance appear, and the building is characterized by the presence of the blue tiles, which was the reason for its name In the name of (The Blue Mosque), knowing that visitors and tourists can walk around and see its magnificent architecture.

Sanliurfa city

Sanliurfa (Turkish: Şanlıurfa) is one of the wonderful tourist sites in Turkey; it represents an ancient archaeological site dating back to the year 304 BC, knowing that it is located next to many buildings of modern style, and others.

Sumela Monastery

Sumela Monastery is located in the Turkish province of Trabzon, which is a Greek Orthodox monastery that is considered one of the most beautiful tourist places in the country, as it is characterized by its amazing location on a steep cliff, and its wonderful architectural design, and picturesque mural paintings.

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