Learn in detail the names of the most beautiful tourist regions of Morocco from the experiences of other travelers in order to experience a different and integrated tourism program in Morocco. Here are the details for the Arab travelers.

The most beautiful tourist regions of Morocco:

  • Chaouen or Chefchaouen:

This beautiful mountain city located in the northeastern region of Morocco, this city has a very impressive mountain background, characterized by its painted blue paints, so it is called the blue city, there are a number of handicrafts such as woolen clothes, goat cheese and woven blankets.

  • Volubilis:

This ancient Romen city is located near the western borders of the conquests of the Romens, as they considered it an administrative center of a Moratinian city. What distinguishes the city of Volubilis is the fertility of its land, as it provides a number of important commodities such as olive oil and grains.

  • Essaouira:

It is a fishing port that tourists go to spend enjoyable times where the stunning landscapes of the natural bay and get relaxation, in the 16th century the Portuguese knew this port and called it Mokado, while the current form that defines the city dates back to the 18th century, and this city has flourished by commercial exchange with European countries The city contains a number of activities such as windsurfing and windsurfing, and is home to some handicrafts, it is famous for the manufacture of furniture and sculpture and there are many heritage arts.

  • Tordy Gorge:

Tordi Gorge is located next to the Atlas Mountains from the eastern side. Torde and its adjacent cities are cut into cliffs and mountains. Tordi Gorge extends over an area of ​​6000 meters. It contains many exciting areas such as the strait of the valley, and there are a number of huge rock walls.

  • Erbi al-Shabibi:

It is a sand dune found in the eastern desert, where it is located along the 140 meters, Erg Chebbi is distinguished by its colorful sand that is predominantly orange, so tourists can enjoy a wonderful trip inside the sand dunes.

  • Draa Valley:

It is located in the south of the Atlantic Mountains, there is a number of amazing and wonderful regions in this valley, and there are a number of ancient villages and a number of palm groves in this valley.

  • Ait Ben Haddou:

It is considered one of the historic fortified cities, which were once passed by caravans coming from the Marrakech desert, and a river is located on the side of the city, where the inhabitants live in the villages of modern style, and the city is surrounded by high walls, and the houses of this city have been used to show some films such as the gladiator and the Lawrence Arabs .

  • Tetouan:

This city is unlike other Moroccan cities, because it offers a unique perspective of the multicultural history of northern Morocco, characterized by its relatively small size, and provides its visitors with a great opportunity to explore many tourist attractions compared to the major cities, this city contains many tourist shops and restaurants Cafés, street vendors, traditional markets and a number of diverse museums.

  • Dades Valley:

This valley benefits many people looking for hiking, wandering, and picturesque nature, this valley is characterized by many wonderful scenic landscapes, this valley is a number of elegant villages that provide a huge opportunity to explore exceptional birds and some vast green fields.

  • The village of Tanajmalit, where Ouzoud falls:

The Ouzoud waterfalls are located near the village of Tana Jamilet, which is located in the High Atlas Mountains. The Ouzoud waterfalls are a series of large waterfalls surrounded by cliffs that feature a reddish red color and contain a number of green valleys. Reach down the waterfalls as the most beautiful scenery.

  • Mount Toubkal:

This mountain is located considered the highest mountain in Morocco, and its height reaches 4.167 meters, and Mount Toubkal is part of the high-rise Atlas Mountains, which attracts travelers who love hiking and adventure and those who love hiking in the open air, as the top of this mountain provides wide horizons very beautiful.

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