What are the rules of clothing in Dubai

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The rules of clothing in Dubai is one of the things that all visitors of different nationalities must know, because despite the cultural and cultural openness in Dubai to different cultures from all over the world, there are many rules that visitors must follow when choosing the clothes they wear During their visit or their stay in Dubai, especially during visiting mosques and during the month of Ramadan. Given the importance of this matter, Arab travelers have prepared a current article on it.

Clothing bases in Dubai

The rules of clothing in malls

  • Wearing at least two knees.
  • Avoid wearing clothing that shows the back or belly area.
  • Avoid wearing too tight.
  • Avoid wearing any type of clothing that is completely non-sleeved.
  • Avoid wearing over-the-neck accessories.
  • Avoid wearing swimwear.
  • Avoid wearing transparent clothing that exposes the abdomen, chest, or area above the knees.
  • Avoid wearing any clothing that has bad-meaning phrases such as sexual phrases and phrases that express insult to people of faith or other nationalities.

The rules of clothing in hotels

Hotel residents and beach visitors can wear casual wear and swimwear, however sunbathing while stripping the trunk area is not permitted in Dubai.

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The rules of clothing at work

Excessive casual wear should be avoided at work, it is preferable to wear a suit and tie for men, but for women it is necessary to wear a work suit or jacket with a skirt that covers the knees.

The rules of clothing in mosques

Upon entering the mosque, the females must cover the hair and wear wide clothes; in many cases, the mosques available as a tourist visit the mosque. This mosque provides clothes with these specifications for women whose clothes violate the united characteristics. Examples of these mosques are the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. It is worth noting that the mosque’s dress code is generally applied during visiting public places of all kinds during Ramadan.
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