The seven wonders of the ancient world


The pyramids are considered among the wonders of the ancient world, and they are the only ones that survive to this day, as the pyramids of Egypt consist of three pyramids in Giza, and that the largest pyramid was built by Khufu, where its original height reached 146 meters (now about 137 m), and reached the length of the base It has 230 m, and 2,300,000 stone blocks were used in its construction, and the average weight of each is 2.5 tons, with an estimated age of 2,680 BC.

Hanging Gardens of Babylon

The construction of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon dates back to Nebuchadnezzar from around 600 BC, which he built to please his wife, Queen Amoya, and it is also associated with the legendary Assyrian Queen Semiramis, where archaeologists thought that the gardens were placed on top of a vaulted building, with a water supply, and the height of its terraces reached the height of its terraces 22.8-91.4 m.

Rhodes Statue

The statue of Rhodes is considered to belong to the Greek sun god Helios. It was built in the city of Rhodes in 280 BC, and the statue, which reached a height of about 30.5 meters, was destroyed as a result of the earthquake in 226 BC.

Lighthouse of Alexandria

The Alexandrian Lighthouse was built around 280 BC, and its height reached approximately 122 meters. It was the tallest building in the world for several centuries. It was affected by several earthquakes. In 1480 its ruins were used to build the Qaitbay Castle, the castle that still stands on the island of Pharos.

Temple of Artemis

The Temple of Artemis is located in Ephesus in eastern Turkey, and the age of the Temple of Artemis is unknown, because it was rebuilt several times, and the third temple was built in 323 BC by the Greeks, as one of the wonders of the world, and the temple was destroyed by the Goths in 268 BC.

Mausolus Mausoleum

Moselos’ tomb is a tomb built in Halicarnassus in 351 B.C. Moselos chose Halicarnassus as his capital, and he and his wife, Artemisia, wanted to create a very beautiful city, as its beauty would be unparalleled in the world, but Moselus died in 353 BC, and Artemisia desired In the establishment of the temple, so that it would be a place for her husband to rest in his last resting place, and the tomb length was about 41 meters, and decorated with a beautiful carving decoration, but it was destroyed as a result of earthquakes, and Artemisia died two years after Moselus was buried in his mausoleum, and her remains were placed next to the remains of her husband.

Statue of Zeus

The statue of Zeus was established in Olympia by the great Greek sculptor Phidias, and it is one of the sculptors in the ancient world in the fifth century B.C.The statue represents a picture of the god Zeus when he sits on his throne, and covers him with a dress of gold, and a skin of ivory, has reached a length of 12 meters, The temple fell in Olympia after the rise of Christianity and the ban on pagan rituals. The statue was also moved to Constantinople, where it was destroyed later, between the fifth or sixth centuries AD, as a result of the earthquake.

The Seven New Wonders of the World

Great Wall of China

This wall was built to protect China from the invasion of the Huns, Mongols, and other tribes, and to serve as a fortification for China and a way to defend it. It began construction in the seventh century BC and took hundreds of years, and is 4,160 miles long, as it is considered the tallest man-made building in the world, which is the construction The only one that can be seen from space.


This ancient capital was built in the ninth century BC, during the reign of King Aretas IV, and continued to flourish during the Romen Empire, and is now seen with its pink stone monuments, and its carved facade.

Christ the Redeemer Statue

It took five years to build this statue. It was built in France by sculptor Paul Landowski. Then it was shipped to Brazil in pieces. Then it was carried over the mountain by train, where it was assembled. It reached a height of 38 meters above the summit of Mount Corcovado in Rio, Brazil.

Machu Picchu

This city was built at an altitude of 24,384 meters above sea level in Peru in the fifteenth century, by Emperor Incan Pashacotec, it was abandoned by the Incas, and the city remained unknown, until it was discovered by an explorer in 1911.

Chichen Itza Pyramid

The Chichen Itza Pyramid was built by the Mayan civilization in Mexico, and is evident in many structures, including the Cocolcan Pyramid.

Romen Colosseum

It is a giant amphitheater, located in the center of Rome, Italy, and it consists of 50,000 seats, and its construction dates back more than 2000 years, and many sports fields still have similar design in all parts of the world.

Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal was built in India in 1630 by Emperor Shah Jahan, in honor of his dead wife. This structure is made of white marble and combines Indian, Persian and Islamic style of architecture.

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