Today, we will take a tour in Thailand, where the breathtaking scenery dazzles everything that every person yearns to visit, and we will tour the best places in Thailand.

The best places in Thailand:

Kusamoy Island in Thailand:

Kusamoy Island in Thailand
Visitors are interested in their visit to Thailand to go to Kusamoy Island because of its many advantages as it has many picturesque waterfalls, which fascinates everyone who looks at it and also has many beaches that visitors visit for walks and we also find in Kusamoy Island many parks for every family.

Ramayana Water Park in Bata, Thailand:

Ramayana Water Park in Bata, Thailand

When we talk about the Ramayana Water Park in the city of Bata, Thailand, we are talking a very large monument, with an area of ​​kilometers, the largest water park in East Asia, and therefore it has many features that attract visitors from all over the world, as it is located near this big Buddha image.
We would like to note that this park is a newly opened and in spite of this it has become famous all over the world and attracted visitors from all over the world. It is also worth noting the recovery of tourism in Thailand after the opening of this park despite the modernity of its opening The Ramayana Water Park in the city of Bata, Thailand contains many of Water games that suit all ages, adults and children, that are impressed by both big and small, as well as green places for walking and hiking.
There are also many games for children, where they can swim in their private beach and you can also learn to dance zumba, where there is a dedicated place there for that and you can also take a tour of the rubber boat as you can go to the green maze there and enjoy all the views.

Thailand elephants village:

The village of elephants in Thailand
The first thing that comes to mind for anyone going to Thailand is hiking, and if we mention hiking, we will mention the Elephants Island in Thailand or the so-called elephant village, where it is one of the most important reasons for the recovery of tourism in Thailand, where, despite not being old, it is one of the most important tourist places Which visitors come from inside and outside the country, the village is not limited to the presence of elephants, but there are many and many features such as elephants trained in performances and dancing, as they are used for riding and wandering in this village.
There are also small and large elephants and teaching visitors how to hunt and train elephants. The village allows visitors from all over the world to deal with elephants and feed, touch and deal with them. The village also allows visitors to see a full day of elephants and their daily lives and what they do in their day of eating and drinking.
We also find there are teams whose representation consists of elephants and people themselves, and this is not only limited to this, but visitors from all over the Arab world can ride elephants and wander around in the village’s surroundings to see the green countryside and cross through the water by riding on the back of elephants and crossing between the roads and wandering here and there .
It is worth noting that the issue is not limited to elephants, but there are many other animals that you can watch, play with, and enjoy seeing them, as there are safari by small vehicles.

Wat Temple in Bangkok Thailand Orn:

Wat temple in Bangkok Thailand Iren
It is also one of the beautiful tourist attractions in Thailand. With its wonderful and distinctive design, it is one of the most famous tourist places in Thailand that visitors from all over the world travel to Thailand. The Temple of Wat Oren is also called the Temple of Dawn, and we also find the splendor of its design when the sun rises to fall upon it It reflects the sunlight falling on it, filling Bangkok with sunlight.

Siam Park City in Bangkok Thailand:

Siam Park City in Bangkok Thailand
It is one of the largest amusement parks in Thailand, as it contains many and many games that attract adults and children. It is worth noting that it contains the largest water bath in Thailand as it has many recreational games as it has many waters to slide on.

Phuket Island in Thailand:

Phuket Island in Thailand
It is the most beautiful and most wonderful island in Thailand, where it touches the island of the Pearl of the South, where it is the largest area among the islands of Thailand, but it is the most beautiful among the islands of the world as it contains vast green places and to find stunning scenery where it is made between its terrain and green places and beaches beautiful scenery has never been any Another island, we advise visitors to Thailand to go to Phuket Island to enjoy the most beautiful scenery there.
Today we toured both the city of Bangkok and the city of Bata and other tourist cities, which are among the most important tourist attractions in Thailand, where we toured the best places in Thailand that tourists from all over the world are attracted to and attracted to the magnificence of its stunning scenery, as we learned about the culture of Thailand and the most important parks It is worth noting that we pick the times to go to Thailand where the weather is mild and the seasons are fun and play and wait for us on another tour in another country.

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