What is a condom island?

المسافرون العرب

Al-Waqq Island

Al-Waqq Island knows that it is a group of islands located in the Sea of ​​China or in the Sea of ​​India, where it is mentioned in many ancient books and articles, such as ancient Arab heritage books, but there is no evidence of the validity of the existence of these islands, so people ignore a lot of information about this We will introduce you to this article.

The reason for naming Al Waqq Island is Protective

  • The presence of many trees on the island bearing fruits in the form of the heads of women with long hair hanging from the branches of trees, and contain cavities when air passes through them, a voice is heard saying (protective condom), and it must be noted that the people of those countries fly from this voice.
  • The traveler Ibn Battuta introduced the word (a condom) to the Arabic language from the Chinese word (waco), a word that was used by the ancient Chinese over the countries of Japan in ancient times.

Areas that Arabs called condom

The Arabs called the condom the name of the condom on two different countries that were visited by merchants and sailors, where the first country is located in the Far East in a region located on the eastern shore of the continent of Asia in northern China, while the second is a region of the eastern coast of the continent of Africa they called it Svala, knowing that they They used to go to the island of Madagascar on their way from one region to another, where they traveled more to it due to the abundance of gold in it, as its people take the hoops of their monkeys and chains of their dogs from gold, as they wear shirts woven from gold, it must be noted that some of them narrated that A woman has a crown on her head and sits in a chair The throne is naked.

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Al-Waqq Islands is preserved in literature and heritage

The island of Al-Waqq is mentioned in the book Thousand and One Nights as a fictional legend that has nothing to do with reality. , And the book (Searching for the antidote in the country of condom) by Sabawi Abdel Karim, and the book (The Tragedy of the Condom) by its owner, Mahmoud Mahmoud Al-Zubayri, and classified a model of the Yemeni traditional novel that is locked in talking about religious and social matters, in addition to the novel Ibn Hayqzan by its writer Ibn Tufail , It must be noted that it was also mentioned in many heritage books, where it was mentioned In the book (Al-Rawd Almatar in the News of the Countries) by Ibn Abdel-Moneim Al-Hamiri in five places, as I mentioned in the book (Al-Balhan) by Abdul-Hassan Al-Asfahani, and in the book Introduction to Ibn Khaldoun, and in the book (Al-Mutatrif in Every Expected Art) by its owner Muhammad bin Ahmed bin Mansour Al-Abshihi .

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