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Ehsaa city

The city of Al-Ahsa is a natural oasis, as it is considered a gateway to the Arab Gulf states, which is the governorate located in the east of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it is the name of the center for that province that consists of the cities of Hofuf and Mubarraz, and Al-Ahsa Governorate is one of the largest Saudi governorates in the area, where its area is approximately A quarter of the area of ​​the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the borders of Al-Ahsa Governorate extend to Abqaiq Governorate to the north, the Arabian Gulf and Salwa Bay to the east, Oman to the south, and the Dahna Desert to the west, so we will get to know the most prominent Al-Ahsa famous in this article.

What is Al-Ahsa famous for?


Al-Ahsa Governorate is famous for palm cultivation, as Al-Ahsa is characterized by the presence of tens of thousands of areas of cultivated land, as it was considered an agricultural oasis in the past, due to the availability of agricultural factors from the presence of water and the richness of agricultural soils, as its soil is known to be very fertile, and dates and cultivated dates are considered It contains the finest types of dates found in Saudi Arabia, as it contains two million palm trees.

There are many types of palm trees in Al-Ahsa, such as: salvation, shishi, guar, khenezi, zamili, shibi, halali, al-Mazarian, al-Kasbi, al-Khasab, al-Zabur, al-Hamtami, al-Burji, Umm al-Rahim, al-Majnaz, al-Shuhl, and al-Adhabi. The farmers of Al-Ahsa are distinguished by experiences The extensive cultivation of dates.

Water eyes

Al-Ahsa is characterized by the presence of many water eyes in it, it includes more than thirty eyes of water, which is a flowing water in abundance and naturally, and water is of great importance in agriculture, it is that which contributes a large role in the work of irrigation canals, drainage of water tables, and the most important water eyes in Al-Ahsa: Bahla, Bahriya, Qurayyat, Al-Haqel, Al-Hara, Al-Huwairat, Al-Jawhariyah, Al-Khud, Umm Al-Sabaa, and Al-Suwaidra. Irrigation and drainage projects were established on these eyes, in addition to being known for its hot sulfur water used as a tourist resort in Al-Ahsa.

Rice production

Al-Ahsa produces Hasawi rice, which is brown rice that the way of cultivating and preparing it is returned, such as preparing compressed rice, where it is cooked with meat or dried shrimp that is boiled with salt, dried in the sun, and is characterized by its delicious taste, and it is believed that traders and immigrants to India and Iraq from the people of Al-Ahsa in the past are Those who brought it, because it contains many carbohydrates, proteins, and nutritional value fibers that help people with joint pain and bone fractures to heal. Al-Ahsa also produces Ahsa red bread, as it is the main ingredient of baked goods and popular dishes in preparing the breakfast table. J Ramadan, spreads this kind of bread in most shops Ahsa.

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