What is Australia famous for?

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Opera House

The opera house is located in Sydney, and it is one of the most famous and important places in the world, as it was included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage. It is considered the Danish engineer, Jorn Autun, who designed the house. The house was established in 3197 AD The building is characterized by being surrounded by water on three sides, while the south side of the house is surrounded by the Royal Green Botanical Gardens. The building includes a group of theaters, studios, concert halls and cinema halls.

Uluru Park

The park is located in the center of Australia, it was called ancient Ayers Rock. This red piece is considered an important natural marvel, and it is one of the areas that were classified within the World Heritage. The park includes a group of rocks that take the form of a red dome, called Katata Tjuna. The region and the garden are naturally beautiful, especially in the absence of the sun, as visitors come to see the wonderful natural colors emanating from the rocks.

Sydney Harbor Bridge

The bridge is located in Sydney, and is considered one of the most important landmarks in the city, as it is the largest bridge made of curved steel in the world, it was established in 1932 AD, where the bridge is located at an altitude of 134 meters above the port harbor, and extends for a distance of 500 meters, where North is connected Located in Sydney with the Central Business District, the bridge includes a pedestrian area, in addition to two railways, and eight special lanes for road traffic that can be switched according to traffic.

Kakadu National Park

The park is located in the Northern Territory of Australia, and it is considered a world heritage site, it is considered the largest national park in Australia, and the second largest park in the world, it is a wild park that includes a group of plants, in addition to animals such as reptiles, mammals, fish, to The side of the various birds.


Australia is the smallest continent in the world, and one of the largest countries in the world, Australia is located between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, and the city of Canberra is the official capital of the country. 617 people, its climate is characterized by the arid and semi-temperate eastern and southern regions, while the northern regions have a tropical climate, and Australia is characterized by the presence of natural resources in its land such as iron, gold, coal and other resources.


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