What is Bahrain famous for?

المسافرون العرب

the two seas

Bahrain is located on the continent of Asia off the eastern coast of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the Arabian Gulf, which is an archipelago made up of 33 islands with an area of ​​760 square kilometers, and its capital, Manama, is the most famous of these islands, with a population of 1,248,348 people, according to statistics of 2012, the Kingdom has obtained On its independence in 1971. The history of the state dates back to the Romen era, and its rule by the Persian Empire from the sixth century BC to the third century. In the year 899, the state came under the rule of the Carmatians, who were an Ismaili Islamic sect, until a popular uprising took place in 1058 that ended their rule. Then the Aounites took power in the Kingdom until the 16th century in which the Portuguese discovered and controlled Bahrain, and activated the pearling industry there. After 80 years, the rule was transferred to the Persians, Omanis and others, until the Al Khalifa dynasty took control of the city and started an alliance with Great Britain, and trade flourished in their time.

The most famous Bahraini city

Each city in the Kingdom of Bahrain has a distinctive character, and a set of places and buildings for which it is famous.

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  • Manama: Manama is located in the northeast of Bahrain, its official capital, and it has been inhabited by many civilizations for thousands of years. Among the most famous features of the city:
    • Towers and skyscrapers: The tall residential and office decorates the city skyline, and mega-class hotels. Among the most famous skyscrapers in Bahrain are the Bahrain World Trade Center and Bahrain Financial Center.
    • Bahrain Fort: Which is located to the west of the capital, which is a Portuguese castle built 4,300 years ago on an artificial hill of Hajar Al-Rasheed, and was once considered the capital of the Dilmun civilization. The castle is considered a world heritage site.
    • Al-Fatih Mosque: It is the largest mosque in Bahrain, with a capacity of more than 7,000 worshipers, and its construction dates back to 1987. The mosque is distinguished by its largest dome in the world, which is made of glass fibers, and it is characterized by its walls that are inlaid with Kufic inscriptions.
    • Manama Market: It is a busy neighborhood with many shopping centers, and it is located in the southern part of the commercial area.
    • Hamad town: Hamad Town was established in 1984 and was named Hamad Town after the King of Bahrain, Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa. The city is located southwest of the center of the capital, and is considered a residential area, and it contains ancient tombs.
  • Muharraq: One of the most famous cities in Bahrain, northeast of Manama, is the city of Muharraq, and it is linked with the capital in two short ways. The city was the seat of the Bahraini government until 1923. One of the city’s most famous features is that it has Bahrain International Airport, and has a medical school next to Hamad University Hospital, so it is a leading medical training center in Bahrain. The city has the most beautiful heritage architecture.
  • Riffa: In the city of Riffa, and specifically west of it, there are palaces of both King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa and Prime Minister Sheikh Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, as it was taken as the headquarters of the Bahraini Defense Forces. It has the largest national stadium in the country, and all golf courses. The city is considered Sunni and is divided into western and eastern parts.
  • Highest: To the northwest of the city of Riffa, there is a Shiite city called the highest. The city was once famous for its pottery, an industry that the city’s citizens still rely on. Many beautiful pottery vessels were extracted from some of the city’s tombs.

The most famous Bahraini landmark

In Bahrain, there are a number of distinctive landmarks, including:

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  • Bahrain National Museum: The museum is located in Manama, and the facade of the museum overlooks the sea, and includes a collection of antiquities dating back to the ancient Dilmun era. The museum’s ground floor contains satellite images of Bahrain, and the first floor displays a collection of traditional and handicrafts. The museum also includes a hall of graves, and a collection of Islamic documents and manuscripts.
  • Bahrain National Theater: It is the third largest theater in the Middle East, with an area of ​​12 thousand square meters, and its number reaches 1001 seats. The stage is floating on the surface of the water, which is an architectural masterpiece designed in a modern traditional way, as it has interlocking aluminum bars, such as those on the roofs of local homes to enter the air.
  • The house of Sheikh Isa bin Ali Al Khalifa: The house was built in the year 1800 in Manama as a traditional house in the city of Muharraq, and was based in the Bahraini authority from 1869-1932. The house contains four different sections, namely: a section for the Sheikh, a section for the family, a section for guests, and a section for servants, as it is distinguished by its shaded ceilings, and is characterized by its degree decorated with arches and wooden doors and courtyards.
  • Bahrain Port: The port is located on the northern coast in the city of Manama, and is a port dating back to the 16th century at the time of the Portuguese. The port is one of the buildings listed under the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The most common manifestations of Bahrain

There are a set of aspects that no one who reads or visits Bahrain can not notice, some of which are related to society and its nature, including those related to the country’s economy and its sources of income. Among the most famous of these manifestations:

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  • Bahrain SocietyThe most famous thing in Bahrain is that there are two Islamic sects in it, they are Sunnis and Shiites, as Shiites constitute a total of 70% of the population and the rest are Sunnis. The population is concentrated in the capital, Manama, and in the city of Muharraq. They are 38% of the foreign workers and 63% of the citizens are Arabs and Persian.
  • Geology of Bahrain: The nature of the Bahrain Islands is rocky and flat, and it includes a central plateau heading north and south, and it has mountains that reach an altitude of 134 meters, as this mountain is called Jabal Al Dukhan, which is the highest point in the country. Bahrain is famous for its beach, which has a maximum height of 10 meters, and it has salt marshes in the south and southwestern parts of the beach.
  • Bahrain economically: Economically, Bahrain is famous for the oil sector, petroleum production and refining, as it constitutes 70% of government revenues and 60% of export earnings. Bahrain is resorting to diversification in the sources of its economy because it has less oil resources than other Gulf countries, as it is considered a major regional financial center, as there are 300 institutions that provide financial, banking, insurance and consulting services. Bahrain has one of the largest aluminum smelter companies in the world, and Bahrain Telecommunications Company, and other economic resources of more than 35 commercial companies, are included.

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