What is Belgium famous for?

المسافرون العرب


Belgium is located west of the continent of Europe, bordered to the east by Germany and Luxembourg, to the south and southwest by France, to the north by the Netherlands, and to the northwest by the North Sea, with an area of ​​about 30,528 km2 and inhabited by about 11 million people, and Belgium is a country with a federal monarchy, and its capital is Brussels, and is considered to be Brussels The Dutch language and the French language are the two main languages, and is a founding member of the European Union. It also hosts the headquarters of the European Union and several major international organizations, such as: NATO.

Climate in Belgium

Belgium is characterized by its moderate climate that belongs to the Western European style, that is, the marine climate is moderate in general, so that the summers are mild and winters are cold.

What is Belgium famous for?

  • It is famous for the carpet of flowers; it is a carpet about 96 meters long, manufactured in 1971 AD, and then the demand for it increased in Belgium and many of the surrounding cities.
  • It is famous for the Magritte Museum, which opened in the year 1009 AD, and it is distinguished for its numerous artworks, archives and decorations.
  • It is famous for having a miniature model from Europe in it, and it is a model consisting of 350 distinct architectural models, which allows visitors to take a quick tour of the main tourist attractions in the continent of Europe, the most prominent of which are: the Eiffel Tower, the Venice Canal, the Big Ben and the Acropolis.
  • It is famous for the presence of St. Bavo Cathedral in it, which was built in 942 AD, and was built as a church of Saint Jean Baptiste, then it became the historical St. Bavo Cathedral.
  • It is famous for the presence of the Royal Palace in the capital, Brussels, which was built in 1775 AD, and is located in the southern direction of the Garden de Brussels, and in the northern direction of the Palace of the Nation, which includes the Belgian Parliament.
  • It is famous for the Chocolate Museum, which is located in the center of Pro, a museum for cocoa and chocolate lovers, and also includes some cartoon characters made with cocoa and chocolate.
  • It is famous for making waffle biscuit.
  • It is famous for having the largest number of castles in the world.
  • It is famous for making billiard balls, as it manufactures 80% of billiard balls in them.
  • It is famous for containing most of the diamonds in the world, especially in the city of Antwerp, known as the diamond capital.
  • It is famous for having the highest peaks in it, which is a summit Signal de Botrange At an altitude of 694 m.
  • It is famous for having borders with the Netherlands, where some buildings are divided into two halves, reaching the center between the two countries.
  • Famous for French fries, as Belgium is the first to invent crunchy potato chips.

The most famous monuments in Belgium

  • Dinan Castle that contains a museum of ancient weapons.
  • Prehistoric Cave, which is a lime cave containing a prehistoric museum.
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