What is Britain famous for?

المسافرون العرب


Britain or the United Kingdom is one of the strongest and most famous countries on the world level, it is one of the countries that have been the holder of sovereignty for many eras, so it was called the country that the sun does not absent for its vastness on the surface of the globe and after the end of the British colonization of countries in the world in general it became Britain at the present time It consists of four provinces namely England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland.

What Britain is famous for

Culture and Arts

The United Kingdom is famous for the emergence of many writers, thinkers and scholars on its soil, the most famous of which is the writer and writer William Shakespeare, who has been heard by everyone for his famous theatrical novels.

Tourist places

In addition to culture and arts, there are also famous tourist places in Britain, such as the Big Ben, which is the reference for measuring world time, and in addition to the Big Ben, there is the British Museum, which preserves many artifacts and manuscripts from around the world and rare work.

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Sports in Britain

In terms of sport, the British are famous for many sports, the most important of which is the game of football. The laws of that game were established in the form of G and as it is considered the founder of this game. The English Football Association was established in 1863 and the English national team is one of the most prestigious teams in the world and the most ancient as it is The case is also in the English Premier League.

The manuscripts

The British Library is one of the largest and most famous libraries on the world level. It contains thousands of books and manuscripts. The cultural and scientific aspect in Britain is not limited to the library. There are many British universities, which are among the most prestigious and prestigious universities at the global level, such as Cambridge University and Oxford University.

Engineering Arts

As for architecture and building, Britain is not without many buildings that show the greatness of British engineering, such as the Tower of London, which was used in the ancient times as the headquarters of the ruling family and was used later as a prison for politically dangerous prisoners and religious defectors, as it is considered one of the most fortified castles in all of Britain. As for Queen Elizabeth, the Queen of Britain at the present time, she has taken Buckingham Palace as a permanent residence for her and the royal family. This palace is considered one of the engineering marvels of its beauty and magnificence of its construction, in addition to the unique artifacts that this palace contains.

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The theater

Britain is not without one of the most important artistic and theatrical centers in the world of theatrical buildings, such as the Royal Opera House, which has hosted many world-famous performances worldwide.

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