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Colombia is a country located in the northwestern side of the South American continent. It has long coastlines that extend to both the Caribbean Sea in the north and the Pacific Ocean to the west, as it is the only country in the South American continent that has coasts on both the Pacific and the Caribbean. Colombia has many islands and archipelagos, including: San Andreas Archipelago, Providencia Archipelago, and St. Catalina Archipelago.

What Colombia is known for

Ethnic diversity

In Colombia there is a great ethnic diversity, in which there are indigenous people who are made up of several peoples, including: the people of Muesca, Kimbaya, and Tayrona. There are European, African and Asian immigrants, who migrated to Colombia after Columbus arrived, and the Spanish conquest campaigns began on the continent of South and Central America. As a result of this ethnic diversity, Colombia is a country that is diverse in the languages ​​widely spoken among its inhabitants. There are dozens of local languages ​​spoken by some ethnic groups in Colombia. But the overwhelming majority of the population speaks Spanish, as Spanish is the official language of the country.


Colopia is famous for its beautiful nature and its great biological diversity, as it ranks first in the world in this diversity, as it contains thousands of species of plants, animals and birds. Colombia is also among the countries that share the Amazon River Basin, which is the second longest river in the world after the Nile River.

Strong economy

The Colombian economy is one of the strong economies in the continent of South America, where it is the third largest economy on the continent, and Colombia is famous for many industries, including: the food, textile and clothing industries, as well as agricultural and mineral products, among others. Colombian coffee is said to be among the finest in the world.

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It borders Colombia on the eastern side: Venezuela. It is bordered by Brazil on the southeast side. It is bordered by Peru from the south side. It is bordered by Ecuador from the southwestern side. While it is bounded on the western side by the Pacific Ocean. And from the northwestern side of Panama. It is bordered by the Caribbean Sea on the northern side.

The area of ​​Colombia

Colombia spans an area of ​​1,141,748 square kilometers, and water accounts for approximately 8.8% of this area. Its population is estimated, according to 2014 estimates, to be 47,846,160 people, and the vast majority of these residents convert to Christianity. Colombia is the second most populous country on the South American continent after Brazil. It ranks fourth in terms of population at the level of the two continents, after the United States of America, Brazil and Mexico.

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