What is Cyprus famous for?

المسافرون العرب

an introduction

The Mediterranean basin region is considered one of the most beautiful and wonderful places on the surface of the globe, as this region is characterized by several important and beautiful things, including the atmosphere and beautiful climate, in addition to its distinguished natural scenery, except for being the region from which most of the ancient civilizations originated, in addition to being It is located in the middle of the world and this made it a commercial area par excellence, as these countries are characterized by the presence of multiple agricultural products in it, as this region is particularly famous for the proliferation of olive trees in it and in abundance and abundance. The Mediterranean Sea was named after the ancient Rum Sea, and it is the sea that extends from the Atlantic Ocean to the Levant, Turkey and Europe. All countries of the Mediterranean basin connect to the Atlantic Ocean through this sea. The Mediterranean Sea contains many islands, whether in the East, West or Central, among them are Rhodes, Crete, Chios, Corfu, Brac, Corsica, Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca, Sardinia, Sicily, Chris, Kefalonia, Lesbos, Abia, Malta, Djerba, Chris, Naxos and Cyprus.


Cyprus or the Republic of Cyprus is a state of the Mediterranean Sea and is on the island of this sea, which is located in the eastern part of this sea. Cyprus in the past was very widely known as the copper metal, as it was one of the most minerals that mined on the land of this island, and Cyprus or as it is called in the English language (Cyprus) is a word derived from the name of the Greeks for this island, where the Greeks called this island the name (Kypros) In Latin, Kypros means Cuprum, which is copper. This is the origin of the name of this city with this name.

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Cyprus area

Cyprus covers an area of ​​approximately 9,250 square kilometers, and it is in this area that it is the third largest island located along the Mediterranean Sea. This island contains two mountain ranges, the first is the Pintadaktilos series, which is located in the north of the island of Cyprus, while the second is the Troodos mountain range, which is located in the southwestern part of the island, while the plains cover the southern side of it. The climate of the Republic of Cyprus is mild and rainy in winter, but it is very hot in summer. According to estimates by the world in 2010 AD, the population of this city was estimated at about 870,000. The currency of Cyprus is the euro.

The population of the Republic of Cyprus is divided into two main parts. The first is the Greek section located in the south and central island of Cyprus. As for the north, there is the Turkish section, and the islanders resemble each other with many and very large features, including social customs. However, they differ mainly in religion, where the Islamic religion prevails. Among the Turks, while Christianity prevails among the Greeks, about 95% of the population of Cyprus are Orthodox Christians, while Muslims constitute 0.6%, while Protestant Christianity constitutes approximately 1% in addition to the Armenian, Maronite, and Catholics presence Ike and other sects and other religious denominations. The northern Turkish language is the Turkish language or the middle and southern language is the Greek language.

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History of Cyprus

Historically, the peoples settled on the island of Cyprus about 6000 thousand years before the birth of Jesus, peace be upon him. As for the Greeks, they inhabited this island about 1200 years before the birth of Christ, as these peoples established countries on the land of this ancient island, and this island was not spared from invasions It was invaded by other peoples and nations, and most notably the Assyrians, Egyptians, Greeks, Persians and Romens. Later, Christianity entered the Cypriot territories by the saints Barnabas and Paul forty-five years after the birth of Christ, and in the year 330 AD, Cyprus joined the Byzantines. Then, close to the barrier of the nine centuries, in 1191 AD, King Richard, known historically as Richard the Lionheart, seized the island of Cyprus, but he sold it to a noble of France. In the seventies of the sixteenth century AD, Cyprus was subject to Ottoman attacks until it took control of it, as it was under its control until the year 1878 AD, when Great Britain seized this island, which made it one of the royal colonies.

In the middle of the last century, a secret organization that arose against the British and attempted to return to the bosom of the Greeks arose in Cyprus, and this organization and the campaigns waged against the occupiers were led by Bishop Makarios, until this bishop was exiled to an island located in the Indian Ocean. In the year 1959 AD, the Greeks gathered with the Turks in the city of Zurich in Switzerland, where they agreed that this state would become an independent country, forcing the British to agree as Cyprus became an independent country in the year 1960 AD. Then Bishop Makarios became the new Cypriot president. After that, many disputes over state administration erupted in Cyprus between the Turks and the Greeks. So the Turks became a country in the north, which is the Turkish Cypriot state, but this country recognizes one country in the world and it is only Turkey – but the rest of the rest of the world in addition to the United Nations, they all deal with Cyprus as one country, that was in the year 1983 AD .

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The country’s constitution, which was established in the year 1960 AD, laid down the foundations for the political system in which Cyprus will be administered. The President of Cyprus is himself the head of government. As for the position of the Cypriot Vice President, it is always for Turkish Cypriots. This, while the Council of Ministers is appointed by the head of state directly elected by the Cypriots, while the state parliament consists of 80 seats, 56 of which are for Greek Cypriots, and the remainder, with 24 seats, is for Turkish Cypriots, but Turkish seats are empty to this day.

Politically, Cyprus is divided into six main regions, which are Famagusta, Fabus, Nicosia, Kyrenia, Larnaca and Limassol. As for the cities, there is the city of Nicosia, which is the capital of Cyprus and its largest city, where the population of this city is estimated at approximately 195 thousand people, and in the second place in terms of the largest cities came the city of Limassol, which has an estimated population of about 150 thousand people, followed by the city of Larnaca, which is estimated number Its population is about 66 thousand people, while the city of Famagusta ranked fourth, with a population of about 37 thousand people. Fifthly, the city of Paphos came with about 36 thousand people, and the last place in terms of population came to Kyrenia with a population of 13 thousand people. It is noteworthy that the capital of Cyprus is located in the northern and southern parts of the country, that is, in the Greek and Turkish parts.

What Cyprus is known for

Tourism in Cyprus is very good, especially at night. In addition to the beautiful atmosphere at night, there is Greek music in addition to Greek dance and many restaurants. This is in addition to the availability of many restaurants in it. There is also a wide spread of Arab restaurants in this city. Among the most famous of the state of Cyprus is the charming beaches, as the beaches of Cyprus are characterized by warmth and the ability to practice activities, water sports and swimming in an excellent way in this country. Cyprus contains the Colossian Castle, where it is said that Richard the Lionheart had resided in this castle during his campaign to the east, in addition to that there is an archaeological museum in Cyprus that contains many different monuments dating back to ancient times, and there is also a folklore museum And Patriotic Cypriot This museum includes the Cypriot heritage during the last two hundred years from now, except for the presence of modern large animals, in addition to the presence of many theaters and the wonderful cultural life that distinguishes this country from other countries, this country is a mixture of two peoples living together on One land.

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