What is Geneva famous for?

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Geneva is the capital of Switzerland, and it is located in the southwestern side of Switzerland, and it is considered one of the most famous cities in the world, as it stretches in the form of a crescent around Lake Geneva, and in the middle is the Rhone River which divides it into two parts, and was chosen to be the headquarters of the United Nations Organization. It is organized by many international conferences, and it annually receives more than two million visitors.

What is Geneva famous for?

Geneva Fountain

The Geneva Fountain is one of the most prominent tourist sites that Switzerland is famous for. It is located on Lake Geneva, specifically on its shore on the western side, and was built in 1886 AD, and the most prominent characteristic of it is its high altitude, which reaches 140 meters, except for its large area, and also includes the headquarters The principal is for twenty two international organizations, one hundred and eighty non-governmental organizations, and one hundred and fifty international missions.

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is the most famous tourist site in Geneva, the waters of which are composed of the French rivers of the Alps, and are characterized by their beautiful natural scenery, and they are also famous for being composed of two islands known for their picturesque scenery.

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St. cathedral

The Cathedral of Saint is considered one of the huge churches in Geneva, and the most notable feature of it is that it was built on Romen architecture.

Geneva products

Geneva is called the capital of chocolate in the world or the capital of the chocolate industry, where the tastiest and most delicious types of chocolate are manufactured, and the most luxurious, as well as its most luxurious stores and stores, except for watch stores that include various hours of all sizes, shapes and prices, due to its long history in the watch industry With skill and mastery, Geneva is also known for its delicious and delicious cheese.

The most important sights in Geneva

Patek Philippe Museum

The Patek Philippe Museum is interested in displaying the various types of watches that have been manufactured throughout the ages, as it contains two halls; the first displays a wide variety of watches made in the past, while the second hall displays beautiful and amazing designs of the famous watch designer, Patek Philippe.

Natural History Museum

The Museum of Natural History shows the attractive natural features found in Switzerland, as it contains many insects, animals and various plants, and it attracts visitors by displaying statues of insects, shapes and different animals, and the most prominent feature of it is that it includes two-headed animals.

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The Grand Theater

The big theater is one of the distinctive and famous theaters, and it is interested in various opera shows, in which large numbers participate, and also attracts many visitors who come to see works and opera presentations by international artists.

Old town

The old town is one of the most beautiful tourist sites in Geneva, and it is characterized by its alleys, its colorful houses in one color, which is covered with red tiles, and is also famous for its beautiful streets, which are known for their pavements covered with brown pebbles.

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