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Georgia is a country located on the border between Eastern Europe and Western Asia, and the region in which Georgia is located is called the Caucasus region, or the Caucasus region, or the Caucasus region, and it is also known as the country of the ancient, all these names for that region where Georgia is located, where this is considered The region is one of the most important regions in the world, especially in political terms. The region in which Georgia is located from the Caucasus region is the western side, and Georgia’s lands are distributed in Asia and Europe, where its southern lands are in Asia, while its northern territories are on Europe. Georgia overlooks the eastern coast of the Black Sea, as it has long coasts on this sea.

Landmarks Georgia is famous for

Georgia is famous for many things, including:

  • Its distinctive and strategic geographical location.
  • And the great ethnic and linguistic diversity despite its small size.
  • Georgia is also famous for its beautiful nature, which is represented by the many beautiful and high mountains, unique coasts, rainforests,
  • Also known for its great biological diversity, Georgia is home to a large number of animal and plant species, birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibians.
  • Georgia is also famous for its many archaeological sites, castles, towers and forts.
  • A destination for tourists, it is a tourist city par excellence.

Georgia site

Georgia borders Russia to the north: Russia and Azerbaijan to the west. Also, it is bordered by Azerbaijan on the southeastern side, bordered by Armenia and Turkey on the southern side, and on the southwestern side, it is bordered by Turkey, and the Black Sea is completely bounded on the western side.

Demography of Georgia

Its population is estimated, according to 2013 estimates, to 4,935,880 people, and the population density in Georgia is average, reaching approximately 71 people per square kilometer. Georgia is a multi-ethnic country. The vast majority of Georgia’s population is Georgian, and it has other ethnicities including Russians, Armenians, Turks, Azerbaijanis, Abkhazians, Ukrainians, Kurds, and others. The languages ​​in Georgia are varied due to the multiplicity of races in it, where the Georgian language is the official language in the country, which is the language spoken by the Georgian population, and every other ethnicity speaks its language, the Russians speak their language, the Armenians speak their language, and so on. The religion most of the population adopts is Orthodox Christianity.

The capital of Georgia

The capital of Georgia and its most populous city is Tbilisi. This city is located in the southwest of Georgia. The official currency in Georgia is the Georgian lari. Georgia stretches over an estimated area of ​​69,700 square kilometers.

Georgia video is not Georgia!

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