What is Haifa famous for?

المسافرون العرب


Among the major cities in Palestine and the most famous even on the global level is the city of Haifa occupied by the Israeli occuAl Bahahn, which is located to the northwestern side of Jerusalem on the Mediterranean coast, and at the present time Haifa is one of the cities heavily inhabited by Jews because of the injustice that occurred to its people later The catastrophe, which led to their displacement from this wonderful land, and I suspect that this torture that took place on its people, as it happened on all, was embodied in the novel Return to Haifa in which the writer Ghassan Kanafani personified this suffering in which the people of Palestine fell.

What Haifa is famous for


Palestine is famous for its entire land with holiness and the splendor of nature and stunning scenery, and is famous for the customs of its people that vary from one region to another within this blessed small spot so we see the multiplicity of dialects within the land of Palestine and the multiplicity of customs and natures, but they all meet in kindness and good manners and generosity as all regions of Palestine meet with holiness and picturesque nature Different terrain and diversity. One of these areas is Haifa, which shares a holiness with Palestine.

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One of the most famous things that distinguishes Haifa is the Haifa Port, which is one of the historical and most ancient ports in Palestine and currently it is one of the largest ports under the Israeli occuAl Bahahn, and this port was and still is one of the most popular ports in Palestine receiving ships. At the present time it is estimated the number of goods that pass through this port With over twenty million tons annually, Haifa is also famous for the pleasure of the fish that Haifa fishermen hunt and honor the guest when he comes to them.


Haifa is also one of the cities that are famous for its tourist attractions that are rooted in its heritage and are also famous for its beauty and picturesque nature, such as Deir al-Carmel, the site of the Baha’i, the Monastery of the Franciscans, and the Qanater, which are some of the monuments that remained from the ancient city of Haifa and were built by the Kata’is, the first to live in Haifa, and among the modern monuments that Built by the Zionists in Haifa is the University of Haifa.

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Culture and literature

Also, Haifa was known by Al-Nakiya for the spread of culture, literature and arts in it. The people of Haifa love music and music. Many clubs and literary episodes have spread in Haifa before the Nakba, which was working to promote the Arabic language and publish literature and culture, so it was and still is a source of culture in Palestine and its center. Culture expresses the bureaucracy that characterized the people of Haifa from the rest of the people of Palestine and the proximity of their customs and their dialect also to the dialect and customs of the people of Lebanon. Often, the Palestinians distinguish the people of Haifa from this dialect and from their superior way of dealing, who does not see a person from Haifa who thinks at first glance that he is milk Ne origin.

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