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What is in Jeddah? The largest integrated guide on the Internet about tourism in Jeddah and all places of entertainment, ancient markets and malls, the city of Jeddah, that ancient city dating back to the first millennium BC, was founded by a group of fishermen, while it is now considered the economic and tourist capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which follows in Its management is the Makkah Al-Mukarramah region, where it is divided administratively by 14 municipalities, and the city of Jeddah is considered a main port for the export of goods and non-oil goods, and the import of pods and local needs. The city of Jeddah has won a number of titles such as the Red Sea bride and the city that does not sleep, and for this tide Soft twinning with many cities such as Alexandria, Kazan, Shimonoseki, Kazan, Makati, Casablanca, Jakarta, Adana, Oran and Istanbul, and is considered the first tourist interface for the fence inside and outside the Kingdom, besides it is the first rank for the existence of projects of towers and skyscrapers, and in this article on Arab travelers we will get to know many of Attractions that can be visited in Jeddah.

What is in Jeddah?

  • Jeddah has about 135 skyscrapers.
  • Among the most prominent universities in the city of Jeddah are King Abdulaziz University for Technology and Science, the Arab Open University, Ibn Sina College of Health Sciences, the Arab University and King Abdulaziz University.
  • Jeddah has many headquarters for international organizations, such as the Islamic Fiqh Academy, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the International Islamic News Agency.

Jeddah Entertainment City highlights:

  • Jeddah Recreational Oasis:

This place is where many scientific and entertainment shows and shows and competitions are held, as the Jeddah Oasis includes a number of workshops that offer the participants fun and knowledge at the same time, as it is considered one of the most suitable places for the child and the family, and the oasis contains 6 halls such as a lounge for water wonders And a hall for physics and sports science, a hall for the human body, and a hall for aviation and air, and a hall that includes future scientists, and in each hall there are many stereotypes in order to facilitate the information in a scientific way.

  • Waterfall Theme Park:

Al-Shallal Theme Park is located in the Jeddah Corniche area, and these amusement parks extend over an area of ​​60,000 square meters. These amusement parks have been developed in recent years to be one of the best amusement parks in the Kingdom, and Al-Shallal Theme Park is one of the best recreational areas that suit family trips, as it includes many entertainment games Which provides an atmosphere of happiness and joy, as there is a section dedicated to children, in addition to the presence of many games of suspense, excitement and fun.

  • Sail Island:

It is considered one of the most important amusement parks in the city of Jeddah, as it is keen to provide a dedicated and distinctive space for children and the family, as well as it includes a hall dedicated to the art of drawing and coloring, where many recreational and educational activities for children can be established, in addition to the presence of a water park and swimming pools, as it contains an island The sail has a number of wide green spaces and is surrounded by a set of tables covered with white sailing roofs, which gives the place a more than wonderful view, and the island contains a dedicated area for sand toys that was specially designed for the child’s intellectual and physical interaction, where sand was placed on the ground to Protecting the child from any shocks, and that area was covered with large white sails to protect children from the sun’s rays.

  • Jungle Land:

Or as it is known as Mersal village and it is considered one of the most prominent entertainment places in Jeddah, Morsal village is located in the north of Jeddah, and this entertainment village is the first of its kind, as it attracts huge numbers of foreign and local tourists, and Jungle Land is distinguished by its African character, it was opened in 1999 and was named a land The jungle is equipped with the best and latest equipment and capabilities to be one of the favorite tourist destinations in Saudi Arabia, besides the presence of a lot of excitement and suspense games, there is a circus in which it is presented with shows and black shows.

  • Ice Land:

It is the entertainment destination that children in Jeddah and visitors from outside the city prefer, so Iceland is considered the first integrated entertainment center for young and old as it has a large number of favorite games for everyone, and this center was built on a large area, and it consists of a number of floors that distribute the games by And there are many shopping stores that contain the best and most important international brands, in addition to the presence of restaurants, and Iceland’s Jeddah is the largest and first of its kind in the Middle East and the Arab Gulf region.

  • Chuck’s Cheese Theme Park:

And this amusement park is one of the entertainment places in Jeddah, where it is located on the Corniche road and it is visited by large numbers of visitors. This amusement park includes many distinctive restaurants and a large collection of games, as it includes a huge number of modern gym games and electronic games, which makes the child feel fun there There are also many handheld electronic games that can be controlled by hands.

  • Atallah Park:

This park attracts large numbers of visitors, especially families, because it includes the latest entertainment facilities and games, and this park was established in 1986 and is considered one of the oldest entertainment attractions in the city of Jeddah, and in 2008 it was renewed and then re-opened in 2010, with the addition of a number of modern games Like a roller coaster and a giant wheel, the area of ​​this park is about 45 thousand square meters, as it includes an open-air section and closed values, and there is a section for adults and another for children, in addition to a hall dedicated to electronic games and restaurants, the park is located on the Corniche road, and the park provides a dedicated day For children and women k On Wednesday of each week, which gives them a great opportunity for entertainment, privacy and independence.

  • Aqua Water Park:

This park is located in the north of Jeddah in the direction of Dhahban, on the way to Medina. This park is one of the entertainment places, as it is a family resort that contains many exciting water games for all the family, besides it contains a number of restaurants with an distinct African character.

The most important landmarks of Jeddah that can be visited:

  • King Fahad’s fountain:

It is considered the largest fountain in the world, according to the Arab travelers Guinness, as the water flows by it from a height of about 300 meters, and the King Fahd Fountain is located on the shore of the Red Sea on the side of the Corniche River, and visitors to the King Fahd Fountain always prefer to watch it during sunset and evening times.

  • Desert Sea Divers:

It is considered one of the most famous tourist sites in Jeddah, as it is admired by many diving lovers, which gives tourists a wonderful opportunity to dive into the depths of the Red Sea, along with the opportunity to discover many marine creatures, and is considered one of the best private resorts that train and teach people to swim and dive at the hands of The most skilled trainers are professional, and there are many stores that rent all diving gear, including diving suits, diving equipment and oxygen cylinders.

  • Fakieh Aquarium:

It is considered the first of its kind in the Kingdom, as it is one of the most beautiful tourist places there, and the jurist aquarium is located on the Jeddah Corniche road, which makes it easy to reach, and contains many water basins that contain multiple and different types of small and large fish such as seals and sharks as well Sea lion and seahorse, and also contains more than two hundred different species of fish such as nylon fish, sharks and hammers, so it is one of the educational entertainment destinations, through which the wonders of the depths of the oceans and seas are presented from all over the world.

  • Jeddah Corniche:

It extends to the western side of the city of Jeddah, as its length reaches 110 km, and the Jeddah Corniche contains a number of wonderful coral reefs, while in the northern part of the Jeddah Corniche there are a number of investment tourism projects, as the Corniche includes a number of parks and contains a distinctive oriental For shopping where there are a number of restaurants, shops and many private beaches for beach sports, there are also many beach games for children.

  • Bab Makkah:

Bab Makkah is considered the eastern gate of the city of Jeddah, and this wall was built in 1509 by the Mamluks in order to protect the city from any external raids, and Bab Makkah was restored more than once over the ages, to remain tall until now, and this door was used by In order to cross the funerals with which they were heading to Al-Assad cemeteries located near it, and there are a number of malls, markets, and many stores around Bab Makkah, where many people come to shop in order to buy different goods and goods, as it is located near the Nada Market and the Bedouin Market.

  • Historic Jeddah (Al-Balad District):

Its history dates back more than 3000 years, and it was adopted by UNESCO as one of the areas of urban heritage, and tourists come to enjoy watching the architecture dating back to before the seventh century, one of the most distinguishing features of Al-Balad neighborhood is the juxtaposition of old buildings with modern, so it looks like a wonderful mix that evokes interest in the old And the modern, and the Al-Balad neighborhood consists of a maze of narrow, narrow alleys and many squares and streets. Most of the buildings in Old Jeddah were built of limestone and there are many beautiful sculptures on the doors and windows of these buildings, which attracts lovers of historical architecture.

  • Flag pole:

This mast is located in the field of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, and the Flagpole of Arab Travelers was registered as the tallest flagpole in the world, as its height exceeds 171 meters.

  • Jeddah Port Tower:

This tower belongs to the port of Jeddah, which is one of the largest ports in the Kingdom, and is one of the most prominent features, and is characterized by its excellent geographical location on the shores of the Red Sea.

  • Radio and TV Tower:

This tower belongs to the Ministry of Information and Culture, as it reaches a height of 250 meters, in order to monitor the city, and this tower was built in 2006.

  • Khuzam Tower:

This tower is the city’s water reservoir, and it is located in the Al-Nuzla Yamani neighborhood that follows the Khuzam Palace area.

  • King Abdullah Sports Stadium:

This stadium has multiple uses and this professor is located in the north of King Abdulaziz Airport, and this stadium was implemented in 2013 and opened in August 2014.

  • Silver Sand Beach:

This beach is considered one of the best private beaches in the city, as it has many activities in it, where there is an opportunity to dive with the nature of marine life provided by the beach, one of the most distinguishing features of this beach is its white sand and turquoise waters that meet with the color of the sky blue to appear as Wonderful painting, and there are a number of amazing restaurants along the beach, the beach has an opportunity to lie back and relax in front of the sunshine in order to enjoy the sunbathing.

  • Million children lane:

This neighborhood has been called by this name due to the presence of large numbers of children in the alleys of this neighborhood, but as for its geographical location it is located in the southern side of the city.

  • The oppressed lane:

    It was named after the oppressed, after Mr. Abdul Karim Al-Barzanji, who was killed by the Ottoman authorities. As for its geographical location, it is located in the northeastern part of the city of Jeddah.

The most important museums in Jeddah:

  • Al-Tayebat International City:

The City of Science and Knowledge is considered one of the most magnificent buildings in Jeddah, it is a wonderful museum worth visiting, how much is the typical architecture of striking beauty, this museum represents the entire city, it contains 12 buildings and 300 rooms, and knows many pieces of gilded furniture and preserved manuscripts Magnificent pottery and some coins dating back to centuries, and in this museum a complete form of the queen is displayed for what it was over the ancient times, as it covers all regions of the Kingdom.

  • Nassif House:

This house is located in the city center, and it is considered one of its wonderful historical monuments. Its history dates back to 700 years ago, and although the building appears a little strange, it is one of the most prominent buildings in the city, as it is one of the sites where several events were hosted, besides that it was completed It hosts many eminent personalities such as King Abdulaziz bin Saud, founder of the modern kingdom. This museum blends traditional and modern architecture.

  • Art Museum:

This museum is one of the most important cultural museums in Jeddah, as for its title, it is located in Palestine Street in front of Gate No. 11, and this museum contains many cultural heritage of the city of Jeddah throughout the ages, where it displays clothing and furniture, and this museum consists of two floors, on each floor Many figures and antiques are displayed.

  • Abdel Raouf Khalil Museum:

This museum was established in 1987 while it opened its doors to the masses in 1996, and it is located on Sixtieth Street, and it is considered one of the private museums. This museum is distinguished by its simple Hijaz style from the outside. As for the museum inside it contains many archaeological and artistic artifacts dating back to different civilizations. Like Europe and China as well as other Islamic monuments, the museum has a number of figures for animals and for some people these figures are of their natural size, in addition to the presence of many important holdings and ancient musical instruments.

The most important mosques in Jeddah:

  • Floating Mosque:

It is considered one of the most important places in Jeddah, and the floating mosque is located on the coast of the Red Sea, so that the mosque looks as if it is above the surface of the sea in a wonderful image, and when the tide increases, the waves rise on the walls of the mosque to appear as if they are already floating below the sea surface, and the Mercy Mosque (floating mosque) Islamic style, besides it combines old and modern art style.

  • Akash Mosque:

This mosque was built before the year 1379 and was built by Akash Abaza, and it was built in 1200 from the migration. This mosque was established by Okasha Abaza and it is considered one of the wealthy men who were exposed to injustice and imprisonment during the rule of the Ottomans. The mosque has five doors made of old walnut wood, Among the most distinguishing features of this mosque is its burnt brown color which has remained the same despite the passage of years, and the mosque has circular domes rising from the ground, and there are some Islamic motifs and inscriptions on it.

  • Al-Shafei Mosque:

This mosque is one of the old mosques located in Al-Balad neighborhood, where there are sailors of the oppressed and it was built in the 17th century, and this mosque is characterized by the splendor of its architecture as it was built in the form of a square, while the middle of the mosque is exposed, which provides the mosque with good ventilation, and the mosque was built of stone Al-Munqabi and the sea mud, as wood was used in its construction, and this mosque has witnessed several restorations.

  • Al-Basha Mosque:

It is one of the most famous mosques in Jeddah, it is located in Bahar Al-Sham and was built in the year 1735, and it is considered an archaeological landmark in historical Jeddah, and the Al-Basha Mosque is distinguished by its ancient architectural construction.

  • Othman Bin Affan Mosque:

This mosque was known in the past as the Ebony Mosque, and it is considered one of the historical monumental mosques in the city, and it is located in sailors of the oppressed, and it was named after the Ebony Mosque because there are two masts made of ebony wood, and this mosque was built in the ninth and tenth centuries of migration, and there is a huge minaret, and he mentioned it The traveler Ibn Jubair and Ibn Battuta, where Ibn Battuta said about him that this mosque is known for blessing and in it the supplication is answered.

  • Al-Mimar Mosque:

This mosque is located in historical Jeddah, and it is considered one of the ancient historical mosques, as it was built in 1093 on the bed of one of the governors called Mustafa Muammar Pasha, and this mosque is distinguished by its wide area and from the eastern side of the mosque we find it rises somewhat from the street level, where the ascension A few steps to enter the mosque, while from the north side it is at the same level as the street, where the worshipers enter it directly without going up any stairs, and the mosque still maintains its good condition in which the prayers are held, and this mosque is famous for the Tarawih prayers that are established in it and that have not been interrupted since That it was built.

The most important malls in Jeddah:

  • Mall of Arabia:

This mall is located on Madinah Road on Jazaa Street, and is considered one of the most famous and best malls in Jeddah, and it consists of four floors, and contains more than 350 stores that contain the most famous international brands, in addition to that it has many restaurants and has places designated for children.

  • Red Sea Mall:

It is considered one of the largest malls in Jeddah, as its area reaches 242.200 m 2, and one of its most distinctive features is its location near the Red Sea beach in the western side of King Abdul Aziz Road, and the complex contains several restaurants and cafes besides the presence of many shops, and there is a dedicated place For children’s games, it houses the Danube Hypermarket and has a bowling alley.

  • Jeddah Mall:

Which is one of the best and largest malls in Jeddah, as it is located in Tahlia Street, and the mall consists of three floors as it contains several shops that include the best local and international brands, as well as the presence of a number of restaurants, one of the most distinctive features is the presence of beautiful water fountains and palm trees.

  • Serafi Mega Mall:

This complex is located at the intersection of King Fahd Street with Prince Muhammad bin Abdullah Street, and this center is considered one of the best shopping centers in Jeddah, as it consists of three floors, and hosts many of the most famous brands in addition to the presence of a bowling hall and billiards hall and a number of international restaurants.

  • Aziz Mall:

And it is considered one of the best malls in the city, because it contains many recreational places suitable for children only, as it has an entire floor dedicated to children, and the mall contains many stores that include the most famous international brands in all fields, and it also has many international and local restaurants, It has Jian supermarket.

  • Andalus Mall:

This mall, which is located in the Al-Faihaa neighborhood, which is located opposite King Abdulaziz Square, contains a number of international restaurants and brands, beside that it has a hypermarket in Panda, and it has a games area equipped with the best and most modern electronic and electrical games, besides it has a ski hall on the ice.

  • Hera International Mall:

Located in Al-Naeem neighborhood on Hira Street, it contains a huge number of shops, which number about 350 stores. It also has a number of international restaurants and a large area specially prepared for children’s games.

Popular markets in Jeddah:

Visitors to Jeddah always intend to visit their popular markets in order to bring popular clothes, gifts and antiques that have their own character, as visitors consider them a memorial way to document the pilgrimage journey through them, as well as the diversity of goods and products in it and their economic prices and touches of traditional life in it, and among the most popular markets in Jeddah the following:

  • Al-Alawi Market:

This market, which is considered the heart of the historic beating area of ​​Jeddah, and is one of the best and most popular markets in the city and the oldest, and is located between the streets of the Bedouin market and a street, where it connects the door to Mecca and the port. People go to him to buy what they need of different household necessities such as household items, spices, foodstuffs and grains.

  • Bedouin market:

It is considered one of the most important popular markets and historical markets in Jeddah, and the Bedouin market is located in Bab Makkah, where it is available with exciting goods and goods at cheap prices, so it has food commodities, fabrics, spices, furniture, burqa and tea of ​​all kinds, besides it has many popular cafes and cabarets.

  • Dew market:

It is located in the historical region, as it is considered one of the most famous traditional markets of Jeddah, and it was established 150 years ago within the city walls, and one of the most distinguished features of the dew market from other markets in Jeddah is that it displays all the fresh food commodities and all kinds of popular dishes, and there are covers The head, clothes, fabrics and shoes, as it contains more than 500 commercial outlets, in addition to dozens of rugs lining the sides of the market road.

  • Jamea Market:

It has been named by this name in relation to the Al-Shafi’i Mosque, which is located in the market, and the mosque of the mosque is located in Al-Mazloum Lane and is considered an extension of the Bedouin market, and there are many large stores that specialize in selling fabrics of various types, shapes and colors, and there are a number of shops that sell artifacts, gifts and clothes, along with The stands that supply goods at a cheap price.

  • Al-Khasakia Market:

ويعتبر واحداً من الأسواق الجديدة ويقع سوق الخاسكية خلف دار محمد نصيف في الناحية الجنوبية الغربية من شارع قابل، يتوافر به الكثير من المطاعم والمقاهي الشعبية والعديد من البسطات والمحلات التجارية، ويقصده المتمزهون سواء المقيمين أو المعتمرين والحجاج لأنه يقوم بتوفير الملابس والمشغولات الذهبية والبخور والإلكترونيات والهدايا والعطور.

  • سوق حراج الصواريخ:

ويعتبر أحد أكبر الأسواق على مستوى العالم حيث أن مساحته تبلغ حوالي 250 ألف م2، يقع هذا السوق بجنوب المدينة، ويتم فيه بيع كافة الأشياء الجديدة والمستعملة، حيث أن عملية البيع بطريقة المزاد العلني، وقد سمي بهذا الأسن لأنه يتوافر به كل السلة بدءاً من الإبرة حتى قطع الطائرات، فيوجد به الأثاث والأحذية والأكسسوارات والكتب واللوحات الفنية والملابس وغيرهم.

  • سوق البلد القديمة:

تعرف منطقة البلد القديمة بالفن المعماري الحجازي البسيط، حيث أن أغلب مباني هذه المنطقة مصنوعة من الخشب والطوب، وتشهر السوق بدكاكينه الكثيرة والتي تكتظ بالأقمشة ذات الأنواع والألوان المختلفة، بجانب الهدايا والملابس.

  • شارع سوق قابل:

يعتبر من أفضل وأقدم الأسواق الشعبية الموجودة في جدة، حيث أنه بمثابة وجهة حيوية للسكان والزوار قديماً وحديثاً، ويتوافر فيه معظم المستلزمات من أحذية وملابس ومشغولات ذهبية وحلوى وأقمشة وما غير ذلك من بضائع، بجانب أنه يتوافر به العديد من محلات الصرافة وتغيير العملات.

  • سوق باب شريف:

ويعتبر أحد أبواب سور جدة القديمة الثمانية، ويقع سوق باب شريف على مقربة من سوق الخاسكية، ويصل عمره لأكثر من مئة سنة، لذا فهو من أشهر الأسواق في جدة، ويكثر فيه التجار السعوديين والسودانيين واليمنيين، ويحتوي على ما يزيد عن مئتي محل تجاري حيث يتوافر به الكثير من البضائع والسلع ذات الأسعار المعقولة.

  • سوق الكندرة:

هذا السوق الذي يعتبر واحداً من الأسواق الحيوية بجدة، ويتسم بطابعه الشعبي، يتوافر به الكثير من مستلزمات المواطنين والسلع وعلى جنبات هذا السوق يضم سوق الصاغة، لذا يعتبر من أكبر مراكز شرائ وبيع المعادن النفيسة بجدة، ويشتهر بشراء وبيع الفضة والذهب والأحجار الكريمة.


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