What is inside the pyramids

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Giza Pyramids

Nobody knows how to build the pyramids, as they were built in an ancient time, in which there were no modern machines, nor advanced techniques for building, and despite this, the Egyptians were able to build the masterpieces of architecture that still baffle many scholars, and the Giza Pyramids were a place to rest Pharaohs and kings, and royal tombs, where they were part of a funerary complex that includes sites for burial of queens, as well as daily funerary temples, and the last pharaoh was placed inside a burial chamber under the surface of the earth, under the pyramid, and it is indicated that the pyramids were subjected to theft long ago, during the time of the campaign The Egyptian of Napoleon Bonaparte in the late second century Out of ten no treasures were found, but a huge granite sarcophagus was found, a sarcophagus that contained the mummy of the king, and although there are not many things that can be seen inside the pyramids of Giza, everyone can only imagine the royal treasures that the Pharaohs and Kings They own it at the time, and also imagine the effort to build these amazing pyramids.

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The famous three pyramids

There are three famous pyramids in Giza:

  • The Great Pyramid: The Great Pyramid is called the Khufu pyramid, which is the longest and oldest of the other three pyramids located above Giza, which was built in 2551-2528 BC, reaching 147 meters, and it is said that the length of the pyramid of Khufu was up to 148.74 meters, but at the present time it reaches 138.68 Meters; where the high-quality casing stones were removed in order to build houses and mosques in Cairo from an ancient period, and some of these missing stones are observed from the pyramid image, and it is mentioned that the Sphinx stands in front of the Great Pyramid, which is a statue of a creature holding a body A lion and the head of a man. The statue is 20 meters high, and its length reaches 73.5 Meters, and is said to have been carved from sandstone about 4,500 years ago.
  • Khafre Pyramid: The pyramid of Khafre is considered the second pyramid of Giza, built by Ibn Khufu (Khafra), located in the southwestern part of the pyramid of Khufu on a slightly raised ground, which made it appear larger than the Great Pyramid.
  • Menkaure Pyramid: The pyramid of Menkaure is considered the third pyramid, and the smallest of it, as it reaches a height of 67 meters, and is characterized by its amazing construction, as it was used in the construction of limestone and granite as well, and it is indicated that Ibn Khafra (Menkaure) is the person who started building this pyramid.

Inside the Great Pyramid

Inside the Great Pyramid there are three burial chambers, the first chamber is located under the ground, and the second chamber is located directly above the ground, and it is often called the queen’s chamber’s name, knowing that this designation is wrong, while the third chamber (the king’s chamber) is located in the heart of the pyramid, and a large gallery exists It leads to it, and Khufu is believed to have been placed in a heavy granite sarcophagus, and buried in the king’s room.

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