What is inside the pyramids

المسافرون العرب


The pyramids of Egypt are among the seven wonders of the world, so they are among the most famous tourist attractions that attract tourists to them from all over the world. In spite of the tremendous development witnessed today from a technological and industrial point of view, the modern world is unable to construct such a great construction, and this, if it indicates anything, indicates the greatness of the ancient Egyptians.

Pyramids site

Many pyramids were built in the Fayoum region, and they are concentrated in Giza, and the greatest of these pyramids are: the pyramid of Khufu, the pyramid of Khafre, and the Menkaure pyramid, where they were built in the period between (2630-1530 BC), and burial was the reason that prompted The ancient Egyptians to build these pyramids, so every king built a pyramid to be buried in it, as was his burial with his luggage and possessions, the best clothes, the best food, drink, jewelry, and jewels, and everything that the deceased loved and preferred for their belief in the existence of a second life, so the deceased would be He needs to have all his things and needs that he used in his first life to meet He served again in his second, and the pyramids were built a huge size to protect them from stealing thieves.

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The things inside the pyramids

  • King Khufu’s pyramid: This pyramid contains a room for the king’s burial, and other rooms, as he was buried with the king in the pyramid, both: his family, his servants, and his entourage, and it contains many paths that make the process of stealing it difficult for thieves, as there were secret chambers in the pyramid, which were being built For the purpose of preserving the deceased’s luggage and jewelry.
  • The pyramid of King Khafra: It contains several passages leading to the burial chamber carved into the rock, and there are many rooms for the burial of the people of the king, his servants, and his entourage.
  • King Menkaure Pyramid: It contains secret rooms and passageways that ultimately connect the king’s burial chamber.

How to build pyramids

The modern science was unable to know how to build the pyramids, despite the tremendous development it has reached today, and these miracles include:

  • Knowing how the pyramid is similar to its four directions: North, South, East and West.
  • Scientists have found that the sun is always perpendicular to the top of the pyramid, and that this allows the passage of the sun and its entry into the room where the king is buried, and for the mummy that was buried in the center of the pyramid underground.
  • It turned out that the three pyramids were built on one straightness with the northern polar star, and they built the pyramids as well, because they believed that this would preserve the pyramid from being stolen, and that the blessing of the gods would be taken over the pyramid, and the mummy inside it would be preserved, as well as to enter the positive energy into the pyramid, so that the spirit of the kings would enable From living peacefully in the pyramid.
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