What is Iran famous for?

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The geographical location of Iran

Iran is famous for its distinguished geographical location, as it is a country of high hills and mountains, where the Alburs Mountains are spread in the northern side of it, the Zagros Mountains extend along the western borders of Iran, while the Iranian plateau covers the middle of Iran and its east, and in the southwestern part of the country lies the Karon River. On the northwestern side is Lake Urmia, and Mount Damavand is considered the highest point in the region, reaching a height of 5,771 meters.

Iranian historical places

Iran is famous for the presence of many historical places, which showcases the ancient history of Iran. These places include 16 UNESCO World Heritage sites, such as: Pasargadi and Persepolis, Char-a-Rey and Susa, which are historical cities, which are home to a number of archaeological sites, Such as: Daniel’s Temple, Chugazzanbel Ziggurat, and Darius the Great Palace, and there are many markets that provide an opportunity for shopping, such as shopping malls on the island of Kish, in addition to the presence of many natural attractions, such as the island of Qeshm, which is home to the Hara marine forests, and is So from the regions The famous.

Other things Iran is famous for

Iran is famous for other things, including the following:

  • Traditional handcraft.
  • Delicious Iranian food, including snacks such as kebabs, Iranian bread rolls, French bread, and many traditional Persian food.
  • The National Museum, which contains a large collection of the most valuable jewelry and jewelry in the world.
  • Golestan Palace, and this palace displays a variety of ancient artifacts, such as pottery, metal, stone, musical instruments, and weapons.
  • Carpet Museum, which displays a variety of Iranian carpets.
  • The Armenian Museum, an impressive two-storey building, decorated with various frescoes depicting the life of Jesus Christ, also contains many monuments that show the Italian Renaissance.


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