What is Jizan famous for?

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Jizan is one of the coastal border regions that is located in the far southwest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it is located on the border with Yemen, and is also located on the coasts of the Red Sea. The Jazan region is one of the administrative regions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it is known that Saudi lands are divided into 13 administrative regions, and the Jazan region is one of these regions.

Jazan is famous for

Jazan’s Farsan Islands

The Jazan region, according to its administrative division, follows an archipelago called Farasan Islands, where this archipelago consists of several islands, the most important of which are: Farasan Island, Al Suqaid Island, Qamah Island and Damsak Island. The island of Farasan is the largest island in this archipelago. This archipelago is considered one of the most important things that the Jazan region is famous for, due to its beautiful nature, its beautiful beaches, and the historical archaeological sites in it. Located in the island of Forsan. Among the most prominent archaeological sites in these islands: the Ottoman Castle, the Green Buildings, the Najdi Mosque, and Luqman Castle.

Archeology in Jizan

Jizan region is famous for many of the monuments and archaeological sites found there, some of which are said to date back to 8,000 years BC.

Agriculture in Jizan

It is also famous for the diversity in the agricultural crops it produces, as it is considered one of the most important agricultural regions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and among the most important agricultural crops in which it is grown: mango or mango.

Jazan site

The Jazan region is bordered on the north by the Asir region, and on the northwest by the Asir region, also by the western side, by the Asir and Yemen regions, and Yemen on the southwestern side, and the southern side. Jazan borders the Red Sea to the east.

Jazan space

Jizan is the second smallest region in Saudi Arabia after Al-Baha, with an area of ​​about: 11,671 square kilometers. This area represents 0.6% of the total area of ​​the Saudi area. The population of the Jizan region, according to estimates in the year 2010 AD, is about 1,365,110 people, as this number constitutes approximately 5% of the total population of Saudi Arabia, which is: 29,994,272 people. The Jizan region is the most densely populated region in Saudi Arabia, with a population density of 117 people per square kilometer.

Jazan regions

The Jazan region contains many cities, governorates, and its administrative regions, including: Jazan City, which is the capital of this region. The mountainous highlands are spread in the Jazan region in the eastern part of it, while the western region is considered a coastal region, and this has led to environmental and climate diversity in the region.


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