What is Kenya famous for?

المسافرون العرب


Kenya is one of the most beautiful African countries and rich in scenic and distinctive scenes, it is an oasis for visitors searching for everything new in the animal world that Kenya has a large park without borders, and for everyone who loves safari trips in hundreds of hectares of wild lands that are packed with adventures and excitement, despite the lack of Its capabilities are an ideal place for an unforgettable tourist trip. It is a country characterized by a diversity between prairies, lakes, hills, and plains in which multiple types of wildlife live.

Information about the country of Kenya

An African country located in the northeast of the continent of Africa, which connects it with the state of Tanzania, Lake Victoria, which connects it to its shores adjacent to it and which is similar to it in many matters, it is considered one of the crowded countries to prepare its population if its population is estimated at thirty million people, and every year the number of births doubles In it three times.

Its official language is English and the majority of its population is black African, Asian. On the coasts is the capital, Nairobi, which is located on the shores of the Indian Ocean and is characterized by high population density, and the lack of public services provided compared to other neighboring countries. Kenya is a coastal country with a republican system of government, and its only slogan is: work, progress, and union.

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Its area is estimated at about six hundred thousand square kilometers, its population lives within 8% of its area only, and the rest are vast oases and vast areas where rare animals live. Kenya gained its independence in 1963, after which it began a complete transformation step in the economic, social and environmental life despite the huge numbers of births and the overall population increase annually. Kenya took its name from Mount Montenya, which consists of three million years, the second highest peak in the world, which rises five thousand and ninety nine meters.

Climate of Kenya

Kenya’s climate is characterized by diversity according to the regions in which it is located. It is a region located on the equatorial longitude, which makes it, and despite its occurrence on the shores of the Indian Ocean, high temperature, humidity and this climate characterizes coastal cities, and moving to slightly elevated areas, we find that its weather is moderate where temperatures are moderate during the day, and low At night, humidity is low.

The most famous tribe of Kenya

It is necessary to mention these tribes that until now are still clinging to their traditions and customs, they are tribes that shrink on themselves refuse to advance in their lifestyle in any field to find that they are still living in hunting and agriculture, and under the weight of need Masai threw their bayonets to present their culture to tourists, one of the manifestations This culture is a traditional Masai dance that relies on the recitation of old traditional songs. Masai has a special method of setting fire, which depends on three local methods: a lute, a wooden board, and elephant dung. The process begins by placing the lute with a hole on the board and rotating very quickly to generate heat, and after multiple attempts, the fire is lit from the smallest sparks, and it rocks its flame by adding straw to it and the elephant dung. Masai live in small communities with no electricity, no means of communication, no paved roads, and their homes are built from straw, tree branches, and dung of cows.

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The most important thing Kenya is famous for

  • Kenya is a wild oasis teeming with different types of wild animals. Because of its wide area and tropical climate, we find many wild animals such as lions, tigers, elephants, antelopes, and red beasts that roam the wild lands in a beautiful artistic painting that makes the visitor to these areas observe the movements of animals with passion and wishes to see more Including it is a safari for everyone who loves those trips.
  • Kenya is also famous for agriculture to provide the ideal weather to grow some crops, such as bananas, corn, and wheat. It also went to grow coffee, tea, and sugar cane. These crops helped a lot in improving the economic situation of the country, as a quarter of its exports to the world is based on it.
  • There is a special kind of embroidered and colored skins that Kenya is famous for and its tourists demand for its many colors and distinctiveness. Kenyan women are famous for making handicrafts called samuba. They are also famous for making handicrafts such as sculpture, and making statues that represent the animals that live in them.
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