What is Lebanon famous for?

المسافرون العرب

Some famous places in Lebanon

Deir al-Qamar

Deir El Qamar is an ancient town that has preserved the architectural characteristics of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and it includes many gardens full of flowers, jasmine in the beautiful old streets, and many stone outdoor seats belonging to the houses, full of vineyard hanging in front of the houses, flower beds, homes , And the narrow streets that make the city a picturesque place.


Laqlouq is a small mountain village located 69 km north of Beirut, and getting to this area is not easy. The road to it is bumpy, rocky, and very narrow, but it has stunning views, and it has a good ski station during the winter, and you can enjoy People riding in the middle of green mountains in the summer.


Hamat village is located on the top of the historical Mount Theobrosubon, 48 km north of Beirut between the ancient cities of Batroun and Tripoli, and is the home of one of the holiest places in Lebanon, and it is the mausoleum and monastery of Our Lady of Light, which is one of the famous Christian pilgrimage sites, where pilgrims and tourists enjoy one of The most beautiful views of the bay, and pure water.

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Other famous places

There are many famous tourist and archaeological areas in Lebanon, including: the temples of Baalbek, the Jeita Grotto, the Qadisha Cave, Hadchit, the Tomb of Saint Charbel, the Bekaa Valley, the Mina, the Great Mosque, and Ksara.

The most famous Lebanese food

Among the most famous Lebanese foods are the following:

  • Raw kibbehRaw kibbeh is made from raw beef or lamb mixed with bulgur, mashed onions and spices, served with pita bread and fresh vegetables.
  • Baba ghanoush: The taste of Baba Ghannouj is similar to the taste of chickpeas, because it is made from tahini, and the main difference between them is that Baba Ghannouj is made from eggplant instead of chickpeas, and sometimes pomegranate seeds are placed on top of the dish, served with pita bread, and covered with points of olive oil.
  • Tabbouleh: It is a salad made from bulgur, tomatoes, onions, and parsley, to which olive oil, lemon juice and salt are added. Lettuce is served on the side of the salad.
  • KonafaKonafa is considered one of the Lebanese sweets, it is made from cheese, and it is covered with pistachios, and it is offered after adding the drip to it, and it can be made in different ways, and depending on the way it is made it can be served as a breakfast, or as a dessert; it can be placed on bread and eaten as a sandwich at breakfast time.
  • Shish tawook: Shish tawook, or chicken kebab, is a basic Lebanese dish, and the shish tawook is soaked for an entire night with lemon juice, garlic, paprika, milk, and tomato paste, usually served in a dish, or by wrapping it in pita bread with garlic sauce on the side to make a sandwich .

Religious diversity in Lebanon

The State of Lebanon includes a distinct diversity; it includes Muslims and Christians, as it is considered the most religiously diverse country in the Middle East, because there are approximately 18 religious denominations recognized by the state in them, and they coexist with each other.

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Video Lebanon, the country of gold

Did you know that the inhabitants of the “country of rice” live above gold? What else does Lebanon hide? :

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