What is Libya famous for?

المسافرون العرب


The state of Libya is known as the Libyan Arab Republic, and it is the fourth largest country on the African continent. It occupies the seventeenth place among the largest nations in the world. The Libyan Republic is located in North Africa and is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea from the north, while from the east it is bordered by Egypt, and Sudan from the north East, Chad and Nigeria to the south, and Algeria and Tunisia to the west.

The capital of Libya

The largest city in the country is the city of Tripoli, which is the capital, and its population is 1150,989 people. It is the only city in the country with a population of more than one million, most of whom are Arabs and Berbers, and it also has a number of immigrants from Egypt, Tunisia, Greece, India, and Pakistan. It is very crowded, and Tripoli is the economic center of the Republic, and it is famous for the textile, food processing, tobacco products, and building products, and it also contains the main port in the country, which is the cultural and educational center of the country, which is a historical city and the home of the old city, the Red Fort, and is not The important historical sites.

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the Libyan desert

The Libyan desert is considered one of the drier places in the world. No rain has been recorded since 1998 in the Awinat region and many decades have passed without rains, but a large layer of groundwater has been discovered under the country during oil exploration, and it is likely that this water It was found in the country before the formation of the desert itself, and the Libyan desert is generally flat land but contains a series of plateaux and hills, and beside the depressions there are small oases. .

Climate in Libya

Libya is characterized by high temperatures, especially in the desert regions, which cover 90% of the country, and this hot atmosphere prevails in particular during the long summer months, as storms and sand winds abound, and Libya recorded the highest temperature in the world in 1922 when the temperature reached 57 degrees Which is equal to 136 Fahrenheit, but the coastal regions are characterized by a more humid and cooler climate in the fall and winter seasons, and rains remain rare throughout the country, and temperatures usually range between 27 and 32 degrees in the northern regions, and between 40 and 46 on the coast of Tripoli during the summer, and in winter The temperature ranges Yen-1 and 12 degrees.

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