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Marseille is one of the most dangerous cities in Europe

The French city of Marseille is classified as one of the most dangerous cities in the continent of Europe, as this city is affected by crimes that occur after disputes due to drugs or wars between gangs. The streets of Marseille bloody gangs occurred in the seventies of the twentieth century, and he was killed in The city is the leader of a prominent drug cartel in 2006 AD, in addition to the murder of a Belgian gang leader in 2000 CE. Violence in Marseille is not only limited to mafias, but is also represented by other things such as theft and house breaking.

The most famous tourist places

Notre Dame de la Garde Cathedral

Notre Dame de la Garde is a small church with a height of 162 m. It is located on top of a hill in Marseille, and it was built in 1214 AD, and after that the construction was expanded slightly in 1477 AD, and in 1515 AD it entered King Francois I of Marseille on his way back to Paris after the defeat of the italyns at the Battle of Marinian, and the king chose the summit of the hill, which includes the church to take a haven for him, and the Notre Dame Church is distinguished by its huge statue, in addition to the distinctive interior decoration and paintings set by sailors and fishermen, and the church overlooks the The sea, the surrounding countryside, and YEMK See the famous buildings such as the headquarters of the Olympic football team in Marseille.

The old port of Marseille

The Phoenicians built the port of Marseille, “Le Vieux Port” in the year 600 BC, and it is considered at the present time a place that attracts residents of Marseille, where there are many cafes, bars, and restaurants in addition to the presence of handicrafts market in the port area, and there is a ferry that takes visitors And tourists are free from 10 am to 1 pm and from 2 to 7 pm on a trip through the port to Quay de Rive Neuve (French: Quai de Rive Neuve), and in this short trip a person can enjoy stunning views of the city and see wooden yachts and sailing boats.

Geographical location

Marseille is located in the south of France and overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. It is located 863 km southeast of Paris and has an area of ​​241 km. It is the capital of Provence Alpes Cote d’Azur. It is located on latitude 43.3 lines and lines. It is 5.38 meters long, 28 meters above sea level, and its population is 794,811, making it the largest city in terms of population in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region.

Internal rule in Marseille

The internal government of Marseille is made up of a municipal council elected by the people, and this council maintains the city’s traditions and its local independence, despite the particiAl Bahahn of many national ministries in financing and planning many projects throughout Marseille, and the city of Marseille is divided into 16 administrative regions, but It is grouped into 8 sectors for the purposes of serving the local government, and the mayor of each of these sectors is elected, and the mayor of the city is assisted by a local council of 27 members, and each member is responsible for a specific aspect in the region, such as culture, finance, work, Transportation, and others.

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