What is Nablus famous for?

المسافرون العرب


Nablus is known as the capital of Palestine economically. Its people work in trade and industry, and it is a historic city located to the north of the capital of the Holy State of Palestine, Al-Quds Al-Sharif. The rule of the city of Nablus succeeded in many countries and different civilizations such as the Canaanites, the Pharaohs, the Assyrians, the Greeks and many other different civilizations. An Israeli who still remains on this pure land.

What Nablus is distinguished by

Culture in Nablus

Culturally, Nablus is known as a scholar’s ​​nest, to distinguish its people from the brilliance and intelligence and their passion for science, Nablus is famous for the emergence of a number of distinguished poets, such as the poet Ibrahim Toukan and his poet sister, Fadwa Toukan and others in addition to a number of writers. It is one of the cities with high sanctity in the Jewish and Christian faith, which has a grave Joseph, according to Jewish beliefs, the Prophet Ibrahim was interested in the slaughter of his son Isaac, peace be upon him at the top of Mount Gerizim, in addition to that, Christ, peace be upon him, met the Samaritan woman in Nablus, the woman who gave him water from the well of Jacob as it is said. In addition to that the people of Nablus knew their taste for authentic art and their love for singing, music, and musical instruments, especially the oud, they are those with a good taste, you should find it with other people.

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Landmarks in Nablus

As for the features that date back to the Islamic era, in Nablus, a large number of them are distributed among the neighborhoods of Al-Yasmina, Al-Qaysariya, Al-Habla, Al-Qurayyun, the Kasbah, and many other ancient Nablus neighborhoods. Nablus is famous for its revolutionary struggle against the usurping Jews. The people of Nablus are known for their patriotism, their inherent nationalism, and their love and affiliation with the Palestinian soil. The mountains of Gerizim and Ebal had witnessed ferocity and despair in the fighting, unlike any other region.

Industry in Nablus

In terms of industry, Nablus is famous for the Nabulsi soap industry in Nablus factories, which is a traditional industry in Nablus, where it exports soap to various regions and countries. The city with which it is closely and deeply connected, whoever visits this city and does not eat a dish of Nabulsi Konafa is not considered a visitor to it. It is also famous for making other desserts such as Almdalagh and Aljlaj and Qatayef and dumplings.

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Agriculture in Nablus

Nablus is famous for growing olives, citrus fruits, almonds, apricots, peaches, pomegranates, thyme and other herbs such as sage, chamomile, and others.

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