What is Pakistan famous for?

المسافرون العرب


Pakistan is officially known as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, and it is an Asian country located in the southern side of it, bordered to the east by the countries of India, to the west by Afghanistan, to the southwest by Iran, and to the northeast by China, while it shares a sea with the Sultanate of Oman, and Islamabad is its capital and most important city .

Military and economic power of Pakistan

Pakistan has the seventh largest armed force in the world, it possesses a nuclear weapon to be the only Islamic country that possesses it, and with regard to its economic power, it comes in the twenty-sixth globally in terms of purchasing power, and the forty-fifth in terms of GDP.

What is Pakistan famous for?


Pakistani spices are part of the country’s culture, as Pakistani cuisine is almost empty of it because it gives food a delicious flavor and pleasant aroma, not to mention its health benefits in overcoming many diseases.


The proportion of agricultural land in the country is estimated at about 26% of the total land. Forests and pastoral weeds are considered as a breeding ground for livestock. It is also famous for growing rice, cotton, sesame, hemp, sugar cane, corn, vegetables, fruits, citrus, and grains.

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Pakistan is a country rich in black gold, which is represented in oil, coal, and iron, and in that it is known for its petroleum, mineral, wool, chemical, and natural silk industries.

Different industries

When talking about the famous industries in Pakistan, it is necessary to refer to the city of Sialkot, which has unique international certificates in the field of industry, which made it the focus of attention of international companies in the European and American continent, if this city is famous for the manufacture of sports and medical equipment, leather and clothing, just as football Among the most famous of these products, in addition to the swords and daggers that were used in the Rambo movie, as well as cricket and hockey sticks, the director of the Talon Factory for Sialkot balls stated that his factory meets 70% of Sweden’s need for balls, adding that his production is exported abroad with an annual return of 800 million USD, i.e.The equivalent of 4% of the country’s gross national income.

The director of the Daikou Leather Tanning Factory pointed out that the city’s merchants agreed among themselves to provide 2.5% of the revenues in favor of improving the infrastructure and building an international airport and a land port, knowing that the city of Sialkot is the only city in the world with the supervision of the private sector to provide services For the population, including the basic services, from electricity, transportation and communications to secondary services, such as the port and the airport.

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