What is Petra in Jordan?

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Petra city

Petra is an ancient city that dates back to the Hellenistic and Roman era, and is located in southwestern Jordan, and was built on a balcony occupied by Wadi Musa from east to west, and was called the pink city in the nineteenth century by the biblical scholar John William Bergen, due to the color of the stones from which it was built and because the valley is surrounded by sandstone slopes, which are surrounded by shades of red and purple, in addition to the pale yellow color, as the modern city of Wadi Musa serves the continuous visits of tourists to Petra.

History of the city of Petra

The city of Petra was built as a trading point by the Nabateans, who were the original inhabitants of the southwestern Jordan region at that time, and the Nabateans acquired a great deal of wealth resulting from trade in the city of Petra, and in 312 BC it was attacked by the Greek invaders, who were resisted By the Nabateans by taking advantage of the mountainous terrain surrounding the city, they succeeded in eliminating them, as the mountains served as a natural wall supporting the city.

The Greeks were not the only ones who invaded the city of Petra, as they were invaded by the Romans in the year 106 AD, and who forced the Nabateans to surrender, annexed Petra to Roman lands, and gave the name of Arab Petraia to it, and the Romans continued to control the city for more than 250 years, Until the middle of the fourth century AD, when an earthquake destroyed many of its buildings, as the Byzantines finally took control of, and ruled for about 300 years, and in 1985 AD it was chosen as a world heritage site by UNESCO, and historians consider it an important site because of its beautiful architecture, and its innovative system of management Water, which made A habitable.

The most important landmarks of Petra

There are many distinctive monuments and monuments that tourists can see during their tour through the Petra waterfall, the most important of which are:

  • the safe.
  • Royal tombs.
  • Facades Street.
  • The altar.
  • The theater.
  • Monastery.


Petra monuments

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