What is Riyadh famous for?

المسافرون العرب

Riyadh city

Riyadh is considered one of the cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its capital, and it is located in the middle of the Kingdom, bordering it from the northern part of the Qassim region, from the eastern part to the eastern region, from the southern part to the Najran region and some parts of the eastern region, and from the western part Makkah, Asir and Medina. This city occupies the second place in the Kingdom in terms of area and population, which number approximately 6,777,146 people, according to statistics of 2010.

What is Riyadh famous for?

The most important archaeological sites in Riyadh

  • Ad diriyah: Al-Dir’iyyah is considered one of the most prominent historical monuments in Riyadh, where it is considered a mirror that reflects the strength and supremacy of the Saudi state over the years. Al-Dhahira and Al-Faisal Tower, in addition to that it consists of a group of main neighborhoods, such as Tarif neighborhood, Al-Suriha neighborhood, Al-Bujairi neighborhood, and Ghusaybah neighborhood.
  • Masmak Palace: This palace is considered one of the important tourist and archeological places in the city, as it was built during the reign of Muhammad bin Abdullah bin Rashid in 1315 AH, and it is one of the rare original buildings that display to this day the stages of establishing and uniting the kingdom at the hands of King Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud, may God have mercy on him .

The most important entertainment places in Riyadh

  • Zoo: This park was built in a design style that makes the visitor feel that he is in a real forest, due to the abundance of the natural environment of animals in a large and vast area estimated at approximately 162.000 km², in addition to containing various types of ordinary animals and rare existence.
  • Wadi Hanifa: This valley is considered the largest park in Riyadh, with a length of approximately eighty kilometers, and this valley is characterized by its beautiful and picturesque view as a result of the extension of trees, shrubs and palms along its length, and these plants are irrigated through a large channel of water dug in the form of a trench at the level of the valley, in addition to Wadi Hanifa contains six parks; they are: Dam El-Aleb Park, Lake, Factories Lake, Biological Processing Park, and Dam.

The most important hotels in Riyadh

  • Sixty Palace Hotel: This hotel is considered one of the best in Riyadh, and it is located in Salah Al-Din Street, and it offers many services such as free internet, parking, business rooms, barbecues on the sides of swimming pools, and various catering services.
  • Crown Al Fahd Hotel: The Crown Hotel Al Fahd is one of the most famous hotels in Riyadh, as this hotel offers many services to its customers such as free internet, delivery of meals to rooms, free daily newspapers, laundry and ironing services, and royal transportation services to Khalid International Airport.

The most important foods in Riyadh

  • Al-Marqouk: Which is prepared by cooking meat, vegetables, onions, and ghee together. After these ingredients are ripe, add round-shaped tablets prepared of flour and water, and leave them until they are completely done before serving.
  • Pirate: Pirate is one of the most popular food dishes in sports, which consists of meat, vegetables and bread prepared in a special way for this dish.
  • Groats: This dish consists of onions, ghee, spice, chicken or cooked meat.
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