What is San Francisco famous for?

المسافرون العرب

San Francisco

Floating over the hills and filling in swamps at the entrance to one of the largest natural harbors in the Pacific, San Francisco had a significant impact on the history of California and the United States, Hispanic (later Mexican) mission and Pueblo, where it was occupied by the United States in 1846, before an army of miners invaded after discovering gold in its outlying areas in 1848, gold pushed San Francisco to the peak and formed a global capital with the edge of the border. In 1906 a major earthquake and fire destroyed a large part of the city, but its momentum was barely slowed and its path affected, as San Francisco formed during the 20th century A center of wealth, military power, progressive culture and high technology.

San Francisco: Prehistory and Founders

The first inhabitants of the San Francisco area arrived around 3000 BC, by the 16th century, when the first Europeans sailed along the California coast (they were always counting missing in the golden gate due to fog).

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In 1849 the port of San Francisco was full of abandoned ships, which belonged to the crews that escaped and headed to the gold fields, and many of these ships were used as raw materials to expand the port in the city.

San Francisco: Mexican Governance, American Control

In 1821, Mexico won and gained independence from Spain, and formed an enhancement of the decline of an important era. In 1835 the American William Richardson was the first permanent resident of Yerba Buena, and before the 1840s a large number of Americans came to the Alta California and started inciting for independence, Soon after, the “Republic of California” was declared as they welcomed the arrival of James B. Montgomery, Captain of the US Navy who came to the beach on July 9, 1846, to raise the United States flag at Yerba Buena Square in (Portsmouth Day Square).

San Francisco: Gold Flux and Rapid Growth

On January 24, 1848, gold was found at Fort I Sutter, and in the foothills of California, and within months, San Francisco (renamed from Yerba Buena in 1847) became a central port and gold warehouse and faced a frenzy of rush, over the next year It was noticed that the city’s population increased from 1,000 to 25,000, the city was in a state of lawlessness and barbarism, and the barbarian coast region was in a state of prostitution and gambling, and six major fires erupted between 1849 and 1851, and in 1859 the renaissance started again and a building was built The railways are funded by the “Big Four” businessman Charles Crocker, Mark Hopkin G, Collis Huntington and Leland Stanford- As thousands of workers came from China, and although many were later forced to flee according to US exclusionary policies, San Francisco’s Chinatown flourished and quickly became the largest Chinese settlement outside Asia.

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