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Senegal or English (Senegal): It is a country located in the west of the continent of Africa, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, as it has long coasts on this ocean, and Senegal is a tropical or tropical country, as it is close to the equator, it is away from its capital, 1600 Almost how many, it is also among the countries that lie between both the Tropic of Cancer that is in the Northern Hemisphere, and the Tropic of Capricorn which is located in the Southern Hemisphere.

The borders of Senegal

Senegal is bordered by five countries: Mauritania, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, and Gambia. Where it is bordered by Mauritania from the north side, and Guinea and Guinea-Biasu from the south side, while from the eastern side it is bordered by Mali, and from the western side it is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. Senegal surrounds Gambia on three sides. The Gambia is located inside Senegal, but Gambia is not a landlocked country, as it has a short coastline on the Atlantic Ocean that borders it on the western side.

Area of ​​Senegal and its capital

Senegal is a medium-sized country, with an area of ​​about (196,712) km2, and water constitutes approximately 2.1% of this area. The population of Senegal, according to 2013 statistics, is about (13,508,715) people. As for the population density, Senegal is a medium country in this respect, with a population density of approximately: (69) people per square kilometer. The vast majority of the population of Senegal are Muslims, with a percentage of 94%, while the rest is represented by some religious minorities, such as: Christians, and others.

The capital of Senegal is: Dakar, or Dakar, is a coastal city, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, and is considered the largest city in Senegal in terms of population, with a population of over a million people, and this city is famous for being in the past one of the largest centers established by Europeans in Africa for trade Slaves and their export to the continents of the New World.

The official language in Senegal is the French language, and the reason for this is the French colonialism that controlled Senegal in the last century, and which affected it a lot. However, in Senegal there are many local languages ​​used by the population.

The most important characteristic of Senegal

Senegal is famous for the fact that most of its lands are flat lands close to sea level, and there are some few high areas located in the southeast, where the height of these areas does not exceed 600 meters above sea level. Senegal is known for its political and economic stability, as well as for its prominent and strategic geographical location. It is also famous for its biological diversity, as it contains many types of animals, such as: monkeys, crocodiles, elephants, and others.

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