What is Sweden famous for?

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Sweden (English: Sweden), officially the Swedish Kingdom (English: Kingdom of Sweden), is a European country located in the northern part of the continent, overlooking the Baltic Sea, the Gulf of Bothnia, the Gulf of Katyatig, and the Skagerrak Bay, and shares its land borders with Finland and Norway. Sweden is one of the five Scandinavian countries located in northern Europe, and a member of the European Union since 1995. The capital of Sweden is the city of Stockholm. Sweden was named after the Germanic Svear tribe that inhabited the central part of Sweden, and it first appeared in the first century AD.
The total area of ​​Sweden is 450,295 km2, and as such is ranked 56th in the world in terms of area. According to the statistics of 2016, there are 9,880,604 Swedish residents of Sweden with Swedish and Finnish origins, with Semitic minorities. The official language in Sweden is Swedish, and Sami and Finnish minorities speak their own languages. The majority of the Swedish people convert to Christian Lutheranism by 87%, while the rest of the population embraces other religions, including Islam, Catholics, Judaism, and Buddhism. Sweden has a constitutional monarchy system of parliamentary rule.

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The most famous landmarks in Sweden

Sweden is well-known for its high-tourist attractions, ranging from castles, cities, and museums, notably:

  • Stockholm ArchipelagoIt is the largest marine archipelago in Sweden and one of the largest in the Baltic Sea. The archipelago consists of 30,000 islands and attracts tourists from all over the world and in different seasons of the year. Among the most famous of those islands that receive the largest number of tourists are Sandhamn Island, Vigan Island, Nataru Island, Vinehamn Island and Vaxholm Island.
  • Drottningholm PalaceIt is the residence of the Swedish royal family and one of the most beautiful palaces in Sweden. The palace is characterized by a very beautiful architectural building style, which dates back to the sixteenth century AD, and contains several gardens, a theater, and a Chinese pavilion. The palace was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List because of its importance.
  • Gamla Stan: It is the old city, dating back to the thirteenth century AD, and is located in the center of the old city in which Stockholm was first built. The old city is characterized by being the most beautiful medieval city center and is still cared for today. The old city is also distinguished by its beautiful buildings, most of which date back to the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.
  • Kalmar Palace: A historical palace and a famous landmark, Kalmar Palace is one of the most prominent places that witnessed ancient historical events. And they formed one union. In the sixteenth century AD, the fort turned into a palace and residence for the king. Today the palace is considered a beautiful museum that receives tourists from all over the world.
  • City of Visby: It is an ancient Scandinavian city dating back to the Middle Ages, and one of its cities that still exists today. The city dates back to the twelfth century AD, and the city is distinguished by its ancient building, the most famous of which is the stone wall called Ringmuren, which was built to protect the city. The city of Visby is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List because of its importance.

The most famous characters from Sweden

Sweden is famous for its production of many prominent personalities around the world during many centuries, the most famous of them are:

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  • Alfred Nobel: (1833–1896) is the name behind the world famous Nobel Prize, which is distributed annually in several fields and fields. A noble chemist, followed his father’s profession and led his curiosity and tests to experiment with the interaction of substances with each other until he invented dynamite and other explosive materials.
  • Anders Celsius: (1701–1744) the inventor of the Silesian system or the degree Celsius that determined the degree of freezing water at 0 degrees Celsius, and boiling water at a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius, and named after it. Celcius was also an astronomer, and was famous for observing and writing about the Aurora Borealis.
  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic: (1981–) A professional footballer, and one of the most skilful soccer strikers in the world. Ibrahimovic has played in many clubs in Italy, Spain, Sweden and the Netherlands, and has led his team to win various league championships eight times in a row. In 2011 Ibrahimovic released a book about his autobiography.
  • Svant Arhneus: (1859–1927) Chemical and physical scientist, Nobel Prize winner for sciences for his research and inventions. Among his most prominent innovative theories is the theory of ionic attraction, along with several other theories.
  • Hugo Turel: (1903–1982) A scientist specializing in biology and medicine, his medical studies on enzymes contributed to a better and clearer understanding of their work, which later helped to discover ways in which living things use nutrients to produce usable energy. Thorle won the Nobel Medical Prize in honor of his accomplishments.

The most famous Swedish brand names

Sweden has many brands and international companies that have gained wide international recognition, and have become very familiar to everyone. Among the most prominent of these brands and trade names are the following:

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  • IKEA: A furniture company known for its flexible furniture that can be shaped and installed according to the desire of customers, and adopts a simple style in its furniture. The company was founded in 1943, and now it has 325 branches in 38 different countries.
  • Skype: A communication tool that allows multiple parties to make voice and video calls for free through the Internet and using personal computers, smart phones, and tablets. The site was established in 2003, and its popularity and use are still increasing day by day.
  • H&MA clothing store that began in 1947 to sell women’s clothing only, then expanded to include men’s and children’s clothing. H&M today has 2,500 stores worldwide.
  • EricssonIt is a technology company known for manufacturing mobile phones and using them for modern and advanced technology. The company started with a small telegraph repair shop in 1876 AD, and later evolved into a global technology company.
  • Astra Zenica: It is a global pharmaceutical manufacturer, involved in research and manufacture of drugs for deadly diseases. Astra started in Sweden in 1913, then merged with the British company Zenica in 1999 to carry its current name.

The most famous food in Sweden

Sweden has one of the most delicious kitchens in the world, and its qualities are simple, yet rich in exquisite taste. Among the most famous Swedish dishes are the following:

  • meat balls: It is one of the most popular dishes in Sweden, the ingredients of its preparation differ from one region to another, but all their recipes share their rich taste. Serve the meatballs with a side dish made of bread or rusk with milk.
  • Graphics: A dish consisting of raw salted salmon and served with mustard sauce. This dish has its origins in France, but is very popular in Sweden.
  • RajmonkPancakes made from potatoes, usually served in winter. This dish is also from France.
  • Goprora: A plate of salad made of eggs and fish wrapped in a thin bread and spices, characterized by its salty taste. Goberra is served as an appetizer or side dish.
  • Janson candy: Dessert made of potato, onion, cream, and anchovy. This dish was named after the opera singer Billy Janson who loved food very much.

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