What is Switzerland famous for?

المسافرون العرب


Switzerland is located in the west of the continent of Asia, which is a federal republic comprising 26 cantons, sharing its northern borders with Switzerland, and the western borders with France, while its southern borders are with Italy, and Austria and Liechtenstein are the eastern borders, Switzerland is distinguished by its cultural, religious, and linguistic diversity and its commitment to democracy.

What is Switzerland famous for?

Swiss chocolate

It is one of the most famous for Switzerland, as it is distinguished by its delicious and distinctive taste, which is made with milk and cream and some nuts may be added to it.

Swiss watches

Swiss watches are one of the best types of watches around the world, in addition to being the most famous, they are very valuable watches with very well-known brands that cannot be imitated.

Swiss bank

It is one of the largest and largest banks in the world, but this bank has a bad and corrupt reputation because its officials smuggle the capital that is being looted from the poor countries of the world.

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Switzerland is famous for its beautiful scenery and wonderful nature, which made it a destination for many new grooms to spend the most beautiful times in the honeymoon period.


Switzerland was distinguished by the end of the thirteenth century for its neutrality, as it is famous as the only country that did not participate in any war or armed conflict with its neighbors or any other country, and this is considered a destination for many who want to live in peace and without anyone interfering in their affairs.

Red Cross Foundation

Switzerland has established the Red Cross Foundation, in addition to annexing it to the headquarters of the Foundation, where it provides medical care and services to those injured and injured due to wars or natural disasters.

Interlaken Resort

It is one of the Swiss cities located along the Arye River, which is one of the most famous natural resorts in the world, it includes many scenic and famous three mountains which are Mount Liger, Mount Youngfre and Mount Mok, which extend east from Lake Brienz to the west of Lake Thun.

Lake Geneva

Switzerland is also famous for the existence of the largest lake in all of Europe, Lake Geneva, which is located on the course of the Rhone River on the border between France and Switzerland, and the lake region is characterized by its wonderful and beautiful natural scenery, in addition to its proximity to the north of the Jura Mountains, and to the southwest surrounded by The Alps and many tranquil villages. Geneva also has a fountain that is the longest and largest in the world.

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Montreux “Château de Chillon”

It is a city located in western Switzerland along the eastern shore of Lake Geneva, and is considered one of the best and most famous spa resorts

Video of Swiss chocolate waterfalls

If we could represent the quantity of chocolate produced and consumed in Switzerland it would be in the form of waterfalls! Watch the video to learn more surprises about Switzerland:

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