What is Tabuk famous for?

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Tabuk: It is one of the regions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, located in the northwestern side of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the Tabuk region is from the northern border regions, as it has its long borders from Jordan, and the Tabuk region is a coastal region, it is It overlooks the Gulf of Aqaba, and the Red Sea. Tabuk region is completely bordered by the northern side: Jordan, and bordered by the southern side: the Medina region, and is bordered by the Al-Jouf region and the Hail region on the eastern side, while from the western side, it is bordered by the Gulf of Aqaba and the Red Sea.

Tabuk space

The Tabuk region is one of the largest regions in Saudi Arabia in terms of area, with an area of ​​about (146,072) km2, and its population according to 2010 statistics is about (791,535) people, and the population density in the Tabuk region is low compared to some other regions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia, with a population density of about: approximately 5 people per square kilometer.

Tabuk cities and villages

There are many governorates, cities, villages, and administrative regions in Tabuk in the region of Tabuk, and the most important city in them is the city of Tabuk, which is located in the heart of it, and its capital, and its administrative center, where Tabuk City is famous for being one of the fastest cities in Saudi Arabia in terms of population growth. It is also one of the fastest growing cities in Saudi Arabia in terms of urban, commercial and tourism growth. Tabuk is one of the cities that is characterized by development in terms of development, civilization, cultural and architectural.

Tabuk region is characterized by many things, including geographical diversity, in which there are coastal coastal areas, mountainous regions, hills and desert areas. Among the other things that Tabuk is distinguished with is its dry desert climate, where annual rainfall is very low, as it usually does not exceed 50 mm.

The most important thing that Tabuk is famous for

Tabuk is famous for being one of the major agricultural regions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and agriculture is concentrated in Tabuk City, as 70% of the cultivated area in the region is in and around the city of Tabuk, and the reason for this is the abundance of water in this city, where Tabuk is considered The main source of water in the region, due to its geological nature, which is characterized by its ability to store water. Among the agricultural crops that are popular in Tabuk: wheat, fruits, and vegetables. It is also famous for growing roses that are marketed locally and internationally, where roses are exported to many countries. Other things that Tabuk is famous for are: the archaeological sites and areas scattered in it, especially in the city of Tabuk, including: Tabuk Castle, Al-Tawbah Mosque, the site of the Battle of Tabuk, the Hejaz Railway and its old buildings.


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