What is Tel Aviv?

المسافرون العرب

At the outset, I would like to note that what is called Tel Aviv, is originally an occupied city belonging to a Sleeping country, it was called Palestine, and it will and will still bear the same letters “Palestine”, no matter how the letters are rigged and falsified, and the formation of words to change the shape and identity of the land and the name, will return On his own, he draws the letters of the eternal eternal name forever “Palestine”.
Tel Aviv! A modern Hebrew word, launched to erase the real name of it which is “Jaffa”, which was built on the ruins of Jaffa occupied in 1948 AD, and it means “Tel Al-Rabi’a”, which is the second largest city of the Zionist entity, in addition to the mentioned city built on the ruins of Jaffa, except that there are a number From the areas that extended and expanded on its ruins, its features were removed, and the names were deleted from the map, but after an effort and research, I found the names of some of the areas whose features and effects were removed, namely: –
(Saqiyyah, Jamassin, Abu Kabir, Salamah, Samil, Sheikh Mons, Al-Manshiya, Saruna, Al-Safiriya, Abbasid, Arab Al-Sawalmeh, Fajeh, Kafr Anah, Al-Hamidiya, Yazur, Al-Khairiya, Pierre Adas, Arsuf, Al-Haram).

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These are some of the towns and villages that were completely or partly destroyed, to establish what are called Tel Aviv and the surrounding settlements.
Tel Aviv was created on the ruins of the coastal Palestinian city of Jaffa, nicknamed the Bride of the Mediterranean, and beautiful, and it is.
Tel Aviv was established as a neighborhood in the city of Jaffa in the year 1909 AD, and its population grew rapidly, and after the Nakba and forced displacement of the Arabs, the number of Arabs in Jaffa decreased, unlike Tel Aviv, and so was the city of Jaffa annexed to become a neighborhood of Tel Aviv, inhabited by a minority of Arabs They are concentrated in specific areas, and they are Muslim and Christian.
The so-called Tel Aviv is considered the capital of the Zionist entity, and it has the capitals of countries that establish diplomatic relations with the entity.
It was classified as a global city on the level of (BTA), and it was called the city that does not sleep, and it is considered one of the most expensive cities, according to international classifications, which recognize the existence of the entity and the artificial state on the land of Arab Palestine, it was classified as the third best city globally according to (Lonely Yellant), and intruded into cities Middle East, to establish the evaluation on the basis of the legitimacy of its presence in the region, to be the third in the cities of the Middle East, according to the magazine (Travel).
I would like to talk about Jaffa history, which is long and long, but I will not talk about it under an artificial title, for an artificial entity, based on the remains of the people there and their lands, so what I mentioned about it suffices to cover the required title.

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