What is Thailand famous for?

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Thailand or the Kingdom of Thailand is a country located on the southeastern side of the Asian continent in the Indochina peninsula, bordered by Cambodia and Laos to the east, Malaysia and the Gulf of Thailand to the south, and Myanmar and the Andaman Sea to the west, and is administratively divided into seventy-five provinces, which in turn are divided into municipalities and neighborhoods, In addition to Bangkok, whose capital is, as well as its largest city, in addition to being the commercial, political, cultural and industrial center of Thailand, with an area of ​​approximately 513,120 km².

Thailand is most famous for

  • Thailand is famous for many industries worldwide, including: fabrics, clothing, plastic products, seafood, jewelry, tin, electrical transformers, silk, accessories, gemstones, artificial flowers, automotive, paper, cement, wood, metal, and cosmetics Beautician.
  • It is famous for the abundance of farms and the development of agricultural activity, and its most important crops are: rice, cotton, tobacco, sugar, and tea.
  • It is famous for being one of the most prosperous Asian countries due to its strong economic level.

The most important tourist attractions in Thailand

The Grand Palace

The construction of this palace began in 1782 AD, specifically when the capital was moved from Tonbury to Bangkok Province. The palace was then used as a residence for the kings of the Kingdom of the Kingdom of Thailand. The palace covers a wide range of art and architectural styles, starting from the temples to a mixture of Western and Thai for later structures, which is It contains the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, and is home to it, and is one of the oldest and most famous statues in the world.

Similan Islands

The Similan Islands located in the West Andaman Sea are among the best diving interfaces in Thailand, and it consists of nine islands extending from the tropical jungle to the white sandy beaches, and there are underwater diving interfaces, which are one of the most exciting tourist sites, as the islands usually consist of two sites There are various diving spots around the islands, in the east there are diving sites that include the slightly sloping area towards coral reefs, while in the west there are diving sites that consist of huge granite rocks, in addition to covering soft and hard corals for them.

Chiang Mai Bazaar

Chiang Mai is one of the attractive tourist sites in upper Thailand, and there is a well-known night bazaar that extends its length to reach many of the city’s squares to the interior of buildings and pedestrian paths, and its markets are characterized by the availability of clothing, handicrafts, arts and imported products.

Riley Beach

This beach is a small peninsula that visitors can only access by using boats, as it contains high slopes of limestone, and these high slopes attract many rock climbers from all over the world, and it also arrives by many local residents because of the beauty of the beach And calm down.

Fang Nga Bay

Khalih Feng Nga is located more than 95 km from Phuket Island, which is one of the most famous tourist places in Thailand, and it consists of many beautiful caves, in addition to limestone islands and water caves, and the bay is reached by boat.


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