What is the ancient capital of India

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Calcutta is the capital of ancient India

Calcutta is the capital of West Bengal state, and the former capital of British India until 1911 AD, and it is one of the largest cities in India, and one of its main ports, and is centered on the eastern bank of the Hugli River, except for being the main channel of the Ganges River ( In English: Ganges), and the area of ​​the city is approximately 104 square kilometers, while its population is approximately 4,486,679, according to 2011 statistics.

Information about the city of Calcutta

The city of Calcutta is located at 22.56 degrees latitude, longitude 88.36 degrees, and rises to nearly eleven meters above sea level. It is classified as the largest city in West Bengal by population, and it is one of the most famous urban cities in India, and is famous for its cultural heritage Al-Ghani, in addition to being the main center of Indian classical music, performing arts, art, and sports, and is divided into various topographical regions, and five units that include: West, East, South, North, Central Calcutta, Hooghly, Howrah, Southern Bargans, and others. From the vicinity.

History of Calcutta

A British commercial settlement was established on the lands of Calcutta, which was the capital of the country during the British rule, and was the second largest city in the British Empire after London, and the seeds of patriotism began to grow and develop in the city between 1820 and 1930 AD, while it reached its climax under Indian leadership when it stood People are against British rule.

Tourism in the city of Calcutta

There are many tourist places to visit in Kolkata, including:

  • New Market: It is one of the best shopping places in Calcutta, and it is one of the oldest and most ancient markets in it. It was built by the British in 1874 AD and contains more than two thousand stalls containing various goods and commodities.
  • Victoria Memorial Hall: This hall was named after Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom. It includes a collection that includes many beautiful paintings, sculptures, and books from the British colonial period, and is nowadays a museum that shows the details of the country’s history from the moment the British arrived to Independence Day.


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