What is the capital of Afghanistan

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Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan

Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan since 1776 and its largest city, located in the east of the country, between a narrow valley between the Hindu Kush mountains and the Kabul River. Kabul is the country’s cultural and economic center, known in ancient times as Kapura. The currency of Afghanistan is the Lord. As for the religions, they are in the vast majority of Muslims. As for the past, it was a Buddhist city during the era of Kushan, and Hinduism in the era of Indians, and with Arab expansion, Afghanistan became a Muslim country. Pashtun, Persian-Afghan are the official languages ​​of the country, in addition to Uzbek and Turkmen, and about 30 simple languages.

Geography of the city of Kabul

It is located along the Kabul River at an altitude of about 5,900 feet in the central eastern part of the country. Surrounded by steep mountain ranges, it forms communication routes between Uzbekistan from the north, and with Pakistan to the east.

Climate of Kabul

The summer temperatures reach a maximum of 33 ° C in August, despite the cold nights, and July is the hottest month. In the winter, the temperature drops below zero in the period between December and February, with average temperatures between (15-20) degrees Celsius, and snow may fall heavily, while the rain is heavy and sometimes it may affect the infrastructure, and is considered January is the coldest month.

Kabul city economy

The most famous industries in Kabul are those concerned with food processing and exporting especially nuts, fresh and dried fruits, wool factories, rayon factories, Afghan carpet factories, leather factories, furniture factories and marble factories.

Kabul city landmarks

  • Old Kabul with its markets and bazaars.
  • The National Museum of Afghanistan.
  • The tomb of the Mughal Emperor Babur at Bagh Babur.
  • Timur Shah Shah Durrani Mausoleum.
  • Jah Mosque which was founded in 1893.
  • Blue Mosque, Abdul Rahman Mosque.
  • Kabul Zoo.
  • Castle and royal palace.
  • Lake Karga.
  • Zahir Shah’s tomb.
  • Babur Park and his tomb.
  • Dar Al-Aman Palace, which includes the Parliament and Government Administration.
  • Kabul University, founded in 1932.

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