What is the capital of America

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Washington is the capital of America

Washington is the federal capital of the United States of America, and it joined the states in the year 1790 AD on the sixteenth day of July, and the city council consists of thirteen members, and its land area is 177.0 km2, or 68.3 square miles.


Washington, D.C. is geographically located on the northeastern Potomac River, bordered by the northern and eastern and southern sides of the state of Miranda, and bordered on the western and southern sides by the state of Virginia, and its climate is a humid semi-tropical climate. There is a lot of snowfall, and in the spring and autumn, the climate is warm.


The population of Washington, DC, is 632.323 thousand people, according to the statistics of 2012 AD. The population consists of a population mixture: the black population of about seventy percent, and the white population of about twenty-seven percent, while the rest of the population are minorities of Indians Americans, Asian Indians, Japanese, Chinese, and Filipino minorities.


The economy of Washington, DC depends on: the activities of the federal government, the tourism sector, the private sector of hotels, restaurants, shops, and the business sector such as: legal firms, accounting firms, telecommunications companies, and commercial companies.


The most beautiful buildings in Washington

  • White House.
  • The Jefferson Memorial.
  • Washington National Cathedral.
  • Lincoln Memorial.
  • Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
  • Eisenhower Executive Office.
  • Congress Building.

The most important landmarks of Washington, DC

  • National Mall theme park that owns political sites, monuments, and museums.
  • Securities Print Building.
  • United States Presidents Memorial.
  • Libraries such as: The Library of Congress, and the National Document Management Library.
  • Museums such as the Smithsonian Smith Museum, which includes several museums represented in the Museum of Natural History, the Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Postage Stamps, and the Museum of American History.
  • Folger Shakespeare Library.
  • St. Matthew’s Cathedral.
  • Ford Flashlight.
  • The old post office.
  • Capitol Hill neighborhood.

general information

  • Washington contains a hundred and seventy-six foreign embassies and missions.
  • Pakistani Indians were the first to settle in Washington, then whites came to her in the late seventeenth century.
  • It is located in Washington, the headquarters of the World Bank, as well as the American Development Bank.
  • The federal government moved to Washington from Philadelphia in the year 1800 AD.
  • In the year 1812 AD, British soldiers took control of Washington.
  • Washington is divided into four regions and geographically unequal parts.

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