What is the capital of Armenia

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Yerevan city

Yerevan is a small Asian city in the Republic of Armenia, and its national capital since the year one thousand nine hundred and eighteen, and after the First World War, as well as the thirteenth capital in the history of the country, in addition to being the largest city in the Armenian cities, And the axis of administration, industry, culture, art, and the headquarters of the national government, and it is also the seat of one of the ancient dioceses in the world.

Yerevan city site

Yerevan is located in the Asian Republic of Armenia, specifically in the northeastern part of the Ararat Plain, in the region that the Herzdan River penetrates, and divides it into two parts, as it is located on the border with mountains from three directions, and overlooks a number of Armenian provinces, including: Armaf Governorate And Kotayek, Aragatsoten, Ararat, and Yerevan square on a land of nine hundred and ninety four meters above sea level. As for astronomically speaking, the capital of Armenia lies on the longitude (44.51), the latitude (40.18), and the population of 1,048,93 Trait.

Yerevan city climate

Yerevan city is governed by its location, and its surface features have a semi-dry continental climate. Hot and dry conditions prevail during the summer months, and the temperature may reach forty degrees Celsius, while the weather tends to cool, and the snow falls, and the snow falls Ten degrees below zero.

The most important landmarks of Yerevan city

The city of Yerevan contains many landmarks and wonderful tourist places, and the following is a reminder of the most important:

  • Kvissjian Museum of Art: It is represented by stone chains that form a huge staircase, designed by engineer Alexander Tamanian.
  • Eriboni Archaeological Museum: It contains historical pieces dating back to the king’s palace dating back to seven hundred and eighty-two BC.
  • The memorial of the Armenian genocide: It is located in a modern building that includes works related to the genocide.
  • Republic Square: It is one of the main arenas in Yerevan, and was designed by engineer Alexander Tamanian.
  • GOM Market: It is a lively market that includes various products of fresh, dried fruits.


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