What is the capital of Australia

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Canberra is the capital of Australia

Canberra is the national capital of Australia, and was chosen as the capital in 1908 AD, due to its location between the two largest cities, Melbourne and Sydney, and its population is estimated at about half a million people, it is part of the state of New South Wales, and Canberra is located in the northern side of Australia, and is 650 km from the northeastern side of the city of Melbourne, 300 km from the southwestern side of Sydney, and 145 km from the western side of the Pacific Ocean. It passes through the thirtieth circle Degrees south of the equator, and a longitude of 143 degrees east of the Greens line, an area of ​​approximately 600 km 2.

the climate

Canberra has a hot climate in the summer, with an average mean temperature of twenty degrees in February, and a mild winter that tends to be cold. The average average temperature in July and July is 4.5 ° C, and the rain falls on it most days of the year, but the highest rate of rain It falls in the winter, that is, between November and April, due to its impact by the wet winds coming from the Pacific Ocean.

In the winter, the rains fall on Canberra, as a result of being affected by the depressions coming from the western side, but the rate of these rains does not exceed 35%, because they fall within the shadow of the mountains, and the snow falls on them several times during the winter season, and the snowfall rate is estimated at 640 millimeters, Snow is concentrated on the western mountains of Canberra, and these snow add a very beautiful view to Canberra, especially when the snow melts and the forests appear.


Canberra is considered a city of youth, because the population whose ages did not exceed 18 years make up 40% of the total population, a quarter of them study in private schools belonging to the Catholic Church, while the population over the age of 65 constitutes only 3% of the population, and the population growth is The highest among Australian cities, due to the large immigration of young people from cities and rural areas to it, and the percentage of young people who exceeded 25 years and hold university degrees is 15%. 39% of its workforce is employed in non-government jobs, one fifth in social services jobs, and one third in public administration and defense jobs.


Canberra includes many landmarks, the Australian National Gallery of Art, the Military Museum, which is one of its most famous tourist attractions, and a national library of nearly a million books, in addition to the Australian Royal Coin Instrument, the Royal War College, the National Herbal Museum, and many more.


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