What is the capital of Austria

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Vienna is the capital of Austria

Vienna is the official capital of the state of Austria, located on the eastern side of a narrow plain separating the Carpathian mountain range and the Alpine mountain range, with an area of ​​about four hundred and fifteen square kilometers, to the east of which is a mountain path that passes through the Carpathian Mountains or as some call them Carpathian. Its location at the crossroads of the main transportation routes of the country helped in its economic development as well as the population, i.e. its human growth, as it contains a set of methods used specifically for commercial exchanges and other for telecommunications wires from all directions. The city includes about twenty-three regions, as Including its advantages and features, and its importance.

The label

The word Vienna comes from its former Latin name “Vendobona”, which means beautiful or pleasant air, or a slight gentle breeze; as a result of the presence of large green areas in it, and inhabited by more than one million people, and thus occupies the tenth European place in terms of population, and was chosen as the best A global city twice, according to a report produced by the Mercer International Foundation, based on the level and quality of life of its residents, particularly between 2009 and 2010.


The International Center for Education of everything related to literature and music is considered, in addition to its educational and scientific importance, and despite its collapse after the First World War in 1918, its population is a high degree of fun, happiness and enjoyment of life, and immediately after the end of the Second World War in 1945, it was a major center To hold global conferences, as it hosts annually a group of international organizations of great importance, most notably OPEC and the United Nations.


It has a set of important features, including the following:

  • The Royal Palace: It is considered the headquarters of the Habsburg Kingdom for a period of more than seven hundred years, and at the beginning was a castle established in the thirteenth century AD, and in the year 1918 AD it was converted into a large headquarters where the largest meetings and conferences are held.
  • The Imperial Equestrian School: It is the only institution that has preserved the art of equestrian inheriting from the Renaissance to the present time, and holds many horse competitions that sway the musical tunes accurately and imaginatively fascinate spectators.
  • The opera house: One of the most important and famous role of the international opera, due to its beautiful and interesting performances at a high level of performance in addition to the technical capabilities, which makes the spectator return to it several times, knowing that these performances are different and renewed during two hundred and eighty-five days annually.

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