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The city of Vienna

The European city of Vienna is the administrative capital of Austria, and it is located in the northeastern part of Austria, specifically in the region between the Carpathian Mountains and the Alps, and in the part adjacent to the Danube, which is the second longest river in the continent of Europe, and occupies an estimated geographical area B (415) square kilometers, and (3,862) square kilometers in the urban area (the city and its environs).

People of Vienna

The urban area of ​​Vienna has a population of 1,915,338 people according to statistics in 2020 AD, and it is thus considered the largest city in Austria, as it ranks seventh among the largest cities in the European Union in terms of population, and the population density in the city reaches 4,000 people per square kilometer. Studies show Population statistics: The probability that the population by 2035 AD will reach 2,153,584 people.

A brief history of Vienna

The city of Vienna is a city that dates back to the year 500 BC, and the region witnessed the presence of the Celtic peoples, and in 15 BC, Vienna became a Romen colony of the Romen Empire, and was known at that time as Vendobona, as it witnessed a remarkable development during the fifteenth century AD And later represented the capital of the Holy Romen Empire, then the capital of the Austrian Empire since the beginning of the nineteenth century AD, but it was destroyed and ruined during the Second World War, besides suffering from its occuAl Bahahn by a number of major countries.

Climate of Vienna

The Austrian city of Vienna has a moderate climate in general, due to the presence of the Alps, which are considered a natural barrier of external climate influences from the east, and the wind blows, and influences from the north and south-eastern sides, and the average temperature during the year reaches 10 °, while the average rainfall is Relatively low.

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