What is the capital of Azerbaijan, it is one of the independent Turkish countries in Eurasia, and the capital of Azerbaijan is the city of Baku, this country overlooks the Caspian Sea, Baku represents the administrative capital, as it is its cultural, commercial, financial and economic center, as this city depends in its economy on extracting and treating oil It is also famous for the manufacture and export of electrical machinery, as well as it is not only an industrial city but a cultural city where there are many theaters, universities and cultural centers.
Its location, which overlooks the Caspian Sea, helped it to be a refuge for the population since the Stone Age, also in the Romen era, where archaeologists have found some of the inscriptions dating back to this era, so we will get to know more about this city full of monuments and industries in Arab travelers.

What is the capital of Azerbaijan?

Baku also includes many beautiful and ancient sights such as:

  • Virgo : It is a huge tower up to 29 meters tall, as it is an antique building that is likely built thousands of years ago, and built of stone.
  • Shrewshani Palace: A palace built in the Middle Ages, it was the residence of the royal family, and was restored in 2003.
  • Fountains Square: It is a square with several beautiful water fountains, located in the city center.
  • Torch towers: It is three skyscrapers built in contemporary style, and was completed in 2012.

The language of Azerbaijan

The official language is Urdu, Turkish, as it is used in some regions of the State of Iran due to the proximity of their borders to each other, and there are currently some 30 million users of this language and most of them are in this region and its borders.

Currency of Azerbaijan

The official currency of this country is the Azerbaijani manat, and it is divided into several categories, including:

  • Class 1 manat:It is gray in color.
  • 5 manat category: It is orange.
  • Class 10 manat: It is blue.
  • 20 manat category:It is green.
  • 50 manat category: It is yellow in color.
  • Class 100 manat: Its color is purple.
  • 200 manat category:It is blue.

Azerbaijan women

Azerbaijani women enjoy their full legal rights only, but this theoretically there is a lot of violence and gender discrimination in rural and some urban areas, and the state of Azerbaijan is the first Muslim country to give women the right to political vote, and marital rape was criminalized in 2010, but the social environment does not help to provide A complaint against the husband.
In addition, in 2011 female members of parliament enacted a law against domestic violence and this was a major change in the society’s perception of women.

The most beautiful tourism cities in Azerbaijan

In addition to the monuments in Baku, the capital, there are some cities in Azerbaijan that are also worth a visit, such as:

  • Quba: This city is famous for its abundance of archaeological sites, including mosques and temples, and also has beautiful scenery
  • Gabala city: It is a city where you can enjoy forests, see rare trees and coconut trees, and enjoy the views of the waterfalls.

Baku is one of the most important cities that you can read about and get to know, as it mixes Islamic and Romen history. It has monuments from the Stone Age, and also has many prestigious universities such as the National University of Azerbaijan, the Technical University of Azerbaijan and the Western University.


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